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[BUG] Missing Unicode characters and media flags - r1ctus - 2011-01-12

I really like your skin, I think it's the best one out there. I found 2 bugs.

There are a few missing Hungarian characters: á,é,í,ó,ö,ő,ú,ü,ű. and their capital versions: Á,É,Í,Ó,Ö,Ő,Ú,Ü,Ű. In some fonts characters appear as two dots at the top, some capital letters appear lowecarse. I know this bug must be very rare, if you help me by telling me how to fix the font, I'd be grateful.

I also miss some media flags used with HD videos: VC-1, Flac, and a 6.1 audio channels flag.

- Sharpe - 2011-01-13

Hi r1ctus

Thanks for that - I have just taken a look at the codec flagging controls and reworked how they are implemented in Backrow so it should display more flags now.

The font thing is a bit tricky you could try changing the default font to Arial under appearance in settings. - The other option would be to find some fonts you like that work ok and rename them to match the ones that the skin is currently using - then simply swap them with the ones in the skin's font folder. It's finding suitable genuine free fonts that's always a pain.


- r1ctus - 2011-01-13

thank you for fixing codec flagging so quickly, and thanks for answering my question about the fonts. I like the fonts you used, so I didn't download a new one, but added the missing characters to the ones you used. I only had to modify 2 of the 3 fonts, they are here: font 1, font 2
But I do have a problem with the labels of the Homescreen: not all the letters in the label are uppercase ("á" and "é" aren't), even though the font contains them and they are mapped correctly. They do appear capitalized when they are the first letter of the word. So I think it's an error in the capitalization process, I dont know if it's a bug in the skin, XBMC, or just in my settings, maybe you could help?

- Sharpe - 2011-01-13

Thanks for doing that! - Yeah it seems whenever you capitalise a label that has a letter with a symbol above it - it picks the lowercase version of that letter. I've replaced the home screen labels' font with the caps version of the same font - that should fix the issue on the home screen.

- r1ctus - 2011-01-13

thank you, you fix bugs reaaally fastSmile

- Sharpe - 2011-01-13

Cheers - you just caught me at the right time.

- r1ctus - 2011-01-14

I tried the new version, the bug on the homescreen is fixed now, it remains with other uppercase labels, like Movie titles. changing the fonts for all these labels wouldn't be a real solution for the problem, so I posted a ticket on the trac for this, I hope they can solve it.

- Sharpe - 2011-01-14

Yes I saw that - lets hope they can.

The other option as you say would be to obtain caps only versions of the other two fonts and go through the XMLs looking for "Uppercase" in the label controls and replacing the font with the caps only one. I might end up doing that if I can get hold of the fonts.

- r1ctus - 2011-01-15

Doesn't look like they care much about this bug, and I don't blame them - it must be very rare. I'll mod the fonts and the XMLs and send them to you when it's done. It's a shame that I'm gonna have to do it again when I change to another skin that uses uppercase labels.

- r1ctus - 2011-01-15

Okay, I'm halfway there, but I have a question. You often used a "font16", which is not defined in either of the Font.xml-s. So what is font16?

- Sharpe - 2011-01-15

It's just me being lazy over time - the fonts names are a bit daft and unorganised. You could use font13 instead

- r1ctus - 2011-01-15

it's done

- Sharpe - 2011-01-16

Nice work r1ctus - I'm just finishing off merging it with some changes that I'd made earlier - but looks ok and I'm sure it will benefit others.