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Xbmc 10.0 + mc360 - Kertis - 2011-01-13

when i try add mc360 skin, xbmc don't see it in settings
than i copy\paste files of skin into directory of "confluence" skin, and when restart xbmc, i got a black screen
can anyone explain what happens?
win7ultimate+xbmc 10.0+mc360

- Blackbolt - 2011-01-29

MC360 isn't compatible with XBMC 10.0.

- bennypollok - 2011-04-21

On the compatibility topic...what is MC360 compatible with. I have a copy of XBMC 8.something-or-other, and I can't get anything to show up, except for the text shadows. I downloaded the MC360 folder from your SVN just the other day...18 Apr 2011...just wondering. Thanks.