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PM3.HD media folder source files for Dharma - DaniB1980 - 2011-01-17


I would like to do some skinning and change icons in the PM3.HD skin. As far as I am aware I will need the latest (windows) source files from the media folder for XBMC 10.0 in order to reproduce a new Textures.xbt file. Unfortunately I can not find the latest set if media files and after creating the Textures.xbt I have some icons missing.
Can someone provide a link to the latest files?
That would be great!


- Galefury - 2011-01-17

You mean this ?

- DaniB1980 - 2011-01-20

Yes it looks like the pictures I am looking for but unfortunately I can not open these files using a Windows machine. Can someone let me know what the easiest way is to replace Textures.xbt pictures on a windows machine?

- dazex - 2011-01-28

When skinning, you don't have to package it as a .xbt file. Simply put the replacement .png file into the /media folder. XBMC will use the updated file.

Once you are complete with your skin, you can choose to package all the file back into an .xbt then.

You notice how the default Confluence skin doesn't even use .xbt?

- DaniB1980 - 2011-01-31

nice an easy, thanks!