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- muttley:bd - 2011-06-03

quickbox Wrote:Not sure if you're aware or not, but there is another thread about that remote/receiver kit: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=90600

thanks, i finded post after my question...

I'm thinking to buy this: http://cgi.ebay.it/HP-Backlit-MCE-Remote-Control-TV-CBL-DVD-AUX-Learning-/260745118165

This is reported also in wiki (http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Remote_Control_Reviews) and i hope don't have problem with lirc an dlinux

- DuPlo - 2011-06-14

I ended up with Microsoft® OEM RC6 Infrared Receiver, Model OVU4003.

Works great with Openelec and Harmony 515. Not need to do anything other than programme the remote. IR reciever was plug and play.

Proof that you don't need an HP for Openelec.

I haven't tried (been bothered) to try to set it up with XBMC running through Ubuntu yet, so can't comment.

- JustinAiken - 2011-07-31

Bumping this slightly old thread to ask...

What's a really simple, cheap receiver I can get that will work well with a Harmony (no other remote) and XBMC 10.1 on Ubuntu? Is this still the best option - http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=380296018537&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT#ht_500wt_1156 ?

I've given up messing with LIRC on the cheap POS receiver I have now...

- JustinAiken - 2011-08-08

Uuaww Wrote:Hardware: Harmony 700 remote, HP USB IR Receiver (OVU400103/00)

1. Set up lirc: head to command prompt, type sudo apt-get install lirc
2. Select Windows Media Center Transceivers/Remotes (all), then for IR transmitter, select none. restarts and plug in the IR receiver
3. To set up Harmony, select new device, then windows media PC, select Hewlett Packard and put the model number as OVU400103

Thanks for these steps, worked great!

- vzey - 2011-10-14

kaiser423 Wrote:Got home and turned my IR receiver over. It is actually a OVU400102/71.

So, go ahead and add that model number to the list as needed a quick lirc edit and recompile.

Darn shady sellers Smile

I actually like mine, nice long usb cord and looks very high quality.

how do i get this to work on openelec?

- Nolwendil - 2011-11-08

T800 Wrote:Just so people know the serial no. is only important if you using Linux. Any MCE receiver will do for Windows.

So for Windows, every HP receiver is just Plug'n'Play?
And in Linux (XBMC Live or OpenELEC), if my receiver isn't supported, then all I need to do is add one line to lirc? That doesn't sound too bad... But if it was so easy, then so many people wouldn't have problems with Linux and theese receivers, so it probably isn't that easy. Or is it?

I just want to buy a universal receiver, one that I could use with the MCE remote for now, but that will allow me to upgrade to Harmony later when I buy a TV and other stuff (although when I look at the pictures of the HP remote and those of Harmony 300, I might as well buy Harmony 300 right away since it's so cheap, about $22 in my country, and looks so much better...).

From what I understand, the best option out there is OVU400103/00, P/N:5188-1667. But here I found one which's description says OVU400103/00, P/N:5188-1667, but the label on the picture actually says OVU400103/00, P/N:5188-5049. Any thoughts? Which one should I get? I'm pretty confused after reading through the forum...

- Nolwendil - 2011-11-09

This deal looks pretty good too, although the remote seems to be labeled in Japaneese. But the price is good.

- eskro - 2011-11-09

yeah, well, under Windows O/S, it doesnt matter,,,

if your under linux O/S, then, it matters,,,

- eskro - 2011-11-09

oh yeah, check in my HTPC guide,
i suggest IR receivers that works under windows and linux!

- Nolwendil - 2011-11-09

Thank you for your reply. I have looked at your guides before, they are very useful, you're doing a great job. :-)
However, I've read reports indicating that sellers often advertise some P/N, but they send you a different model. I'm glad to hear that it doesn't really matter for Windows, 'cause that's the system I'll most probably end up with. In linux, is it always just a matter of adding a line of code to lirc, or is it more complicated? I might do another build which would be based on OpenELEC or XBMC Live...

- eskro - 2011-11-09

well for linux it depends,,,
best to keep with know IR receivers that work...
unfortunately, its not like we have tested them all Tongue

- oxyris - 2011-11-09

I haven't read through the whole thread, so excuse me if this has been discussed before...

1) Why can't this IR receiver be bought directly from HP or some other "real" electronics retailer?

2) Aren't there any other IR receivers around that can be obtained more easily?

3) Is the HP thing a pure receiver or can is also transmit signals?

Many thanks.

- eskro - 2011-11-09

1) i dunno
2) pretty easy using ebay
3) pure receiver

- maxinc - 2011-11-09

eskro Wrote:well for linux it depends,,,
best to keep with know IR receivers that work...

Does the Flirc.tv dongle work with XBMC live out of the box or does it need messing around with config files etc?

- eskro - 2011-11-09

no messing around with FLIRC!
FLIRC has its on GUI to program the buttons!!