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[AppleTV2] How to use and set up XBMC on ATV2 - wmrrock - 2011-01-22

I have XBMC set up and running. I dont know how to link my library to XBMC and I cant seem to find anything clearly marked on the boards. If someone could either give me directions or point me to a place on the boards, it would be most appreciated. I am using time capsule with a wd 1tb hd to store the files.

Also the XBMC screens are larger res. than my actual 42 inch. the scrolling info at the bottom and top of the screen are cut off. Any suggestions on to to fix would be appreciated.

Looks like great stuff - cant wait to actually use it.

- rflores2323 - 2011-01-22

You should be able to do calibrate the screen in settings.

- procrastinator - 2011-01-22

Check out this wiki page for screen calibration

And this one for a general quick start guide to setting up your media on XBMC