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- hippojay - 2011-05-04 16:59

Thanks - I put this in a thread over at plexapp.com. i'll have a poke around the database and do some testing tonight

- hippojay - 2011-05-05 12:14

Embarrassing - and thanks to storem over at forums.plexapp.com - looks like I had the password hash logic wrong..

It was applying lower() to username and password to compute the authentication hash - and I shouldn't have been. This meant that upper case passwords would be ignored and sent incorrectly.

So case didn't matter on the client, but if you set upper case on the server, then it would fail. Not sure why I still managed to authticate with Administrator - I think that username case is still ignored (when used by itself), but need to confirm.

So final bit of test and i'll release a new, fixed, version in about 10-20 mins..

FIXED: https://github.com/downloads/hippojay/plugin.video.plexbmc/plugin.video.plexbmc-1.8a.zip

- Chambers - 2011-05-06 03:07

excellent! That worked, it's working great now! Thanks so much for the hard work, this is an awesome plugin!!

- Chambers - 2011-05-06 04:23

One quick thing, is there anything i can read up on regarding the transcoding? Meaning how does it determine bitrate? I ask because i can stream xvid files through ftp fine (so my server miles away is able to upload fast enough to have stutter free xvid files). When I play that through Plexbmc and set it to transcode, it obviously drops the quality. So just wondering how that quality is established? I noticed in the android app that they have different options (3g, wifi, etc). Thanks again!

- hippojay - 2011-05-06 08:49

I've not added any extra transcoding profiles, mainly because I didn't think anyone was really using them. At the moment transcoding is pegged at 1.5mbps - but there is no reason for that. I'll have a look and add some support for the different Plex profiles

Transcoding for XBMC is a bit limited - XBMC doesn't support it natively so I've worked around it, but it means that some features don't work (even basic thinsg like skipping forward). As soon as XBMC add HTTP Live Streaming, things should get better.

- hippojay - 2011-05-06 11:10

New release - Version 1.8.5


* External Subtitle support. If Plex can detect it, we should be able to play it (although not IDX/SUB) - tested with .srt. Enabled through settings
* Transcode quality selector. Based on Plex quality profiles.
* Transcode proxy port configuration. Basically select the port the procy runs on. Only minor change, in case of issues for some people..

Now, I don't have that many video file with external subtitle files, so any feedback would be great. I've also tried to include some logic for the settings:
  • Disabled - let XBMC decide what to do. Default for all videos, just plays what it has. Settings are remembered by XBMC internally (i think)
  • Subs Off - just turns subtitles off completely. Handy if you have lots of native video file, as the default for XBMC is subs on..
  • Auto - Let PleXBMC/PMS decide. Will set audio to selected streams as defined by PMS. Will set subtitles to selected streams as defined by PMS (if available). If no embedded subs, will enable external .srt file if found. If not, subs are off
  • External - Will set audio to selected streams as defined by PMS (or the default one, if no selected one). Then will set external sub file if it exists (.srt)

I don't use subs that much (probably the only benefit of living in the UK), so let me know if this type of logic doesn't really fit..

- pecinko - 2011-05-06 11:24

hippojay Wrote:I don't use subs that much (probably the only benefit of living in the UK), so let me know if this type of logic doesn't really fit..

From my point of view, and I'm XBMC user (mis)using Plex only as a library management tool, it would be best if PATH could be passed to XBMC instead of URL. XBMC can then handle all subtitles or check file properties and fetch subtitles from internet (which is a killing feature for me).

- hippojay - 2011-05-06 11:31

Plex only provided a URL location for subs, not a full path (which it does for media). So the only option would be to download and cache it.

Not sure what the XBMC subtitle addon does about maintaining subs, i'm pretty sure it doesn't co-locate them with the media?

Also, as an aside, don't use the XBMC subtitle addon with streamed media yet, it kept crashing mine when I went into the audio menu..

- pecinko - 2011-05-06 11:52

hippojay Wrote:Plex only provided a URL location for subs, not a full path (which it does for media). So the only option would be to download and cache it.

If XBMC has the PATH it will automatically pull any subtitles from that dir. If you need to fetch them from internet, subtitles plugin would check file name file hash (don't know all the details) and present you internet subtitles list.

In other words, subtitle URL is useful only with streaming. Just my 2 euro cents.

- hippojay - 2011-05-06 16:02

Ok, in which case this is pretty much there.

The only way to get a PATh to work, is if the media is locally mounted, or possibly SMB mounted. This way you can see the directory and the associated subs.

PleXBMC will play media in this fashion (local mounted or SMB), so should be able to pick up adjacent subs. I'll double check later.

The subtitles addon does work to a degree - and will search and download subs. But won't activate them. I might have a check through there code and see if I can suggest a fix (to work with streamed media, not PleXBMC in particular)

- pecinko - 2011-05-06 17:15


It's no problem to activate subs manually.

- Shoesy - 2011-05-06 22:47

Thanks for your efforts on this plugin hippojay- I don't use subs myself but the transcoding feature improvements will come in handy.

- hippojay - 2011-06-01 23:59

New version posted with focus on plugin speedup. New context menus (watch/watch/library refresh) and support for media flags through tweaked confluence skin

- hippojay - 2011-06-03 01:06

Added screencast to post, so you can see PleXBMC in action:


- hippojay - 2011-06-07 01:16

New version released which:

* Fixes the resume function which broke somehow. But made it better, so it's all good
* Local play back fix
* XBOX fix for UNC sytle patch (thanks jmk [Plexapp forum ID])
* Support for Plex Style watched/partial flags with tweaked confluence skin