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[PVR] source and binaries location and updates - opdenkamp - 2011-01-27

There are two main branches on github for PVR: a development branch (opdenkamp/master) and a stable branch that's used to create the ppa builds (opdenkamp/pvr-ppa).

The Dharma-pvr branch (opdenkamp/Dharma-pvr) contains a merge of the old pvr-testing2 with the Dharma tree. No development will happen in the Dharma tree anymore

So, if you just want to use PVR and you're not developing, take the pvr-ppa tree. If you're developing, take the master tree.

How to get the source
To get a local copy of the tree, execute these commands:
git clone git://github.com/opdenkamp/xbmc.git
This will download the repository.

Then get the pvr-ppa branch if you're not going to develop anything:
git checkout pvr-ppa

More information about git can be found here on the wiki.

There are binary packages available for Ubuntu Karmic, Lucid and Maverick, built from the pvr-ppa branch. They can be found in this PPA on Launchpad.

To install it, execute these command:
sudo apt-get install -y python-software-properties
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:lars-opdenkamp/xbmc-pvr
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get -y install xbmc

Packages available here: http://xbmc.opdenkamp.eu/

If you're using another Linux distribution or if you're using OSX, you'll have to build your own binaries. Instructions are available on the wiki:
for Linux

If you're a VDR user and want to use the latest PVR builds, you'll need a new add-on. It's sources can be found here: https://github.com/pipelka/vdr-plugin-vnsiserver

- niemand0815 - 2011-03-02

would it be possible to offer nightly builds for windows?

- opdenkamp - 2011-03-02

for license reasons I cannot provide those at this time. uncle Bill would kick my ass ;-)

if you follow the instructions, you can easily create binaries yourself. not much user action required.

- opdenkamp - 2011-03-04

A setup package for Windows is now available here: http://xbmc.opdenkamp.eu/binaries/windows/XBMC-PVR-ca57409-dx.exe

It's built from git rev. ca57409, which is the last commit in the official repos at this time.

- niemand0815 - 2011-03-04

i am definitely missing a "thanks" button in this forum :-)

- opdenkamp - 2011-03-13

new PPA packages are being uploaded now. the packages that have been uploaded yesterday evening contained a last minute bug that prevented the pvrmanager from starting up (sorry for that Smile)

the package has been thoroughly tested with tvheadend, but you currently need a patched version to get timers that are not created from epg events working. that version is provided on the PPA too.

because the tvheadend package has been renamed by upstream from "hts-tvheadend" to "tvheadend", you'll have to install the tvheadend package manually if you were using the version with the old name before.

for those that are not using ubuntu and can't use the PPA:
- the XBMC package is built from this tag: https://github.com/opdenkamp/xbmc/commits/pvr-ppa-test2
- the patch against tvheadend to allow instant timer creation can be found here: https://github.com/opdenkamp/tvheadend/commit/1aa21425d06822c4356068e641eb96026397ff60

- opdenkamp - 2011-03-13

because of a problem with the old xbmc-data package, the upgrade might not go smoothly.

if you're seeing an error when upgrading, open a terminal and execute the following commands to correct the issue:
sudo apt-get -f -y install
sudo apt-get install xbmc

- opdenkamp - 2011-04-15

Since people have been asking me for changelogs, I'm going to post shortened changelogs here whenever I send a new package to the ppa.

So, here the first one, package odk22, which mainly contains bugfixes:
Quote: * the channel list no longer semi-randomly resets.
* timer icons are displayed correctly again. and instantly.
* tvheadend: optional notifications when timer states change.
* tvheadend: the client should no longer lock up when the connection was dropped while playing a stream.
* vnsi: fix epg requests and timer changes.
* less log spam.
* fixed some possible crashes and other bugfixes.
* some optimisations.
* full changelog: https://github.com/opdenkamp/xbmc/compare/ab82e455d4...248d3f123a

- opdenkamp - 2011-04-18

and this time, a fast update with a whole bunch of changes: package odk24:
Quote:epg: reset option fixed.
general: fixed plugins with settings, most notably, visualisation plugins.
general: fixed a number of possible crashes and deadlocks.
general: some opmisations
pvr: fixed timer margins.
pvr: fixed the channel in the timer dialog.
pvr: change channel group names after changing the language. fixes inaccessible channels after language changes.
pvr: fixed bug that deleted too many epg tags while cleaning up at startup.
pvr: fixed displaying a next event if no current event is present on a channel.
pvr: no longer displaying old epg tags in the epg osd.
pvr: display "programme information" instead of "music information" in the context menu of epg items.
pvr: fixed "now recording" and "next recording" values. increased the info switch interval to 3 seconds.
tvheadend: more info in the epg event description.
tvheadend: timers that are currently recording are now accessible in the recordings list.
tvheadend: using localised strings for notifications now.
upstream: bye old Confluence, hi new Confluence!
upstream: new ra core (recently added)
vnsi: fixed timer margins (credits: FernetMenta)
full changelog: https://github.com/opdenkamp/xbmc/compare/248d3f123a...acfe079389

And another change that you might have noticed already in my signature: please report changes on Trac now under "PVR - core components". This only applies to problems you encounter with my prebuilt XBMC packages (not the other ones on the ppa, like Tvheadend), or your own builds that are made from the pvr-ppa branch. Make sure that you always attach a full debug log to your tickets and that you check whether there isn't any ticket reporting your problem yet.


- opdenkamp - 2011-04-19

quick little bugfix release because xrandr was broken in upstream, which was merged with the pvr branch.

package odk26 is being built now:
Quote:upstream: fixed xrandr.
pvr: updated Finnish translations (credits: viking1)
full changelog: https://github.com/opdenkamp/xbmc/compare/acfe079389...3513480e5b

- opdenkamp - 2011-04-20

and odk26 didn't build successfully because of changes if mainline that prevented debuild from completing. it's been fixed now, but results in a new version number: odk28

- opdenkamp - 2011-04-26

package odk30 is being built on the ppa.

Quote:* pvr: added new guisetting that makes the pvrmanager always use the backend channel order.
* pvr/epg: optionally interrupt epg updates while playing TV, configurable via gui settings.
* pvr/epg: add a new advanced setting pvr/showepginfoonselect, defaulting to 'true'. when true, the epg info dialog will pop up when selecting an epg item. when set to false, playback will start on the selected channel.
* pvr: optionally close the channels OSD after switching channels.
* pvr: fix recording lists not being updated (credits: nemphys).
* pvr: reset caching state after switching channels. fixes possible stalling playback when buffers run dry.
* pvr: added some missing stream info.
* pvr: prevent gui list updates when they're not needed. fixes "flashing" channel lists.
* pvr: use max_streams as defined by ffmpeg. fixes possible issues with external ffmpeg.
* pvr: fixed some possible crashes and deadlocks.
* pvr: misc. clean ups and optimisations.
* confluence: fixed navigation in LiveTV (credits: JezzX).
* tvheadend: couple of clean ups in the demuxer code.
* tvheadend: fix wrong channel number after an update.
* full changelog: https://github.com/opdenkamp/xbmc/compare/3513480e5b...f44db35e46

If you're having issues with this build, please report them on trac under "PVR - core components".

- opdenkamp - 2011-05-08

package odk34 is being built on the ppa, with builds for natty too this time. the only thing I tested myself is that it builds on natty and there's no official support yet.

shortened changelog:
Quote:pvr: using proper buffering for pvr streams now.
pvr: always caching channel icons.
pvr: fixed missing video info details.
pvr: fixed channel info on channel switch.
pvr: fixed resetting the pvr db.
pvr: speed up loading pvr with an empty db.
pvr: fixed adding new custom timers
pvr: added channel icons to recordings and timers (credits: nemphys)
pvr: confluence cleanups (credits: JezzX)
pvr: also display recordings if there are subdirectories in the recordings directory (credits: pipelka)
pvr/epg: separate channel IDs from EPG IDs, so the EPG can be used out of the PVR context later.
pvr: fixed 'make distclean'.
pvr: fixed some memory leaks, crashes, graphics corruption and deadlocks.
pvr: misc. speed improvements.
tvheadend addon: deleting a recording now deletes the recorded file too (credits: nemphys)
tvheadend addon: check connection state on each action. fixes possible deadlocks.
tvheadend addon: a lot of other clean ups.
full changelog: https://github.com/opdenkamp/xbmc/compare/f44db35e46...23bd2c9271

- opdenkamp - 2011-05-10

package odk36 is available now, without uxlaunch for < natty this time.

shortened changelog:
Quote:pvr: don't buffer up video data when there's no video stream. fixes long buffering times when playing a radio stream
pvr/epg: fixed startup delay (credits: nemphys)
add-ons: fixed crash when viewing add-on info on a clean start without ~/.xbmc directory
full changelog: https://github.com/opdenkamp/xbmc/compare/23bd2c9271...bd16540b69

if you are running xbmc-live and using karmic, lucid or maverick, you might have to do this to correct the failed upgrade to odk34:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install xbmc-live

- opdenkamp - 2011-05-21

package odk38 is being built on the ppa.

shortened changelog:
Quote:pvr/epg: fixed EPG searches.
pvr/epg: fix EPG clean up for PVR EPG tables
pvr: fixed 'fix similar program'.
pvr: use recording states reported by the backend, not the state that it should have defined by the epg.
pvr: fixed pvr database resets, pvrmanager restarts and late pvrmanager startups.
pvr: fixed descriptions and end times of instant timers.
pvr: use the plot of the epg tag when creating a new timer from an epg tag.
pvr: fixed: don't let backends add radio channels to tv groups and tv channels to radio groups.
pvr: optimised timeline view cache
pvr: added missing channelsettings in CPVRDatabase
pvr: fix deleting channels. credits: nemphys
pvr: set Timeline Guide view to also start and end at half-hour times if applicable. credits: nemphys
pvr: fix observers notification upon checking epg active tag (notify once) and have GUIWindowPVRChannels observe those changes, so that it refreshes properly. credits: nemphys
pvr: make Guide window also observe active epg changes, so that Now, Next and Channel views update properly when a tag changes. credits: nemphys
pvr: Add CustomVerticalShift to persistable channel settings fields. credits: nemphys
pvr: prevent crash on empty EPG list when selecting the timeline view. credits: margro
pvr: delete m_timers before m_epg to fix a crash in CPVRTimers::Unload() which depends on g_PVREpg. credits: margro
pvr: fixes for crashes in the EPG timeline view without any EPG items and partly revert the previous fix from commit 017ef78409e which broke the EPG timeline. credits: margro
pvr: create objects in CPVRFile when opening recordings or live streams, fixes segfault when starting recordings. credits: fernetmenta
pvr: save video settings right after they have been changed by user, fixes overwrite of channel settings; use video db for recordings. credits: fernetmenta
pvr: use CACHESTATE_PVR only for live streams, not for recordings. credits: fernetmenta
pvr: updated German translations. credits: sven burkard
pvr: update Finnish translations. credits: viking1
pvr: check whether a video stream is valid before adding it in CDVDDemuxPVRClient::UpdateStreams() and only add one (valid) video stream. closes #97 and #108
pvr: removed no longer needed epg cache in CGUIWindowPVRGuide(). only update the EPG view when the window is visible and no full screen video is playing. closes #91
pvr: add window names to CButtonTranslator. closes #102
pvr: persist settings when audio settings changed. only save pvr channel settings when a pvr channel is being played. fixes issues caused by 0f862bbcf17751bf47e5f99f3c299901a10c82dc. closes #110
pvr: fixed some more crashes and possible deadlocks.
pvr: various optimisations.
tvheadend add-on: fixed instant timers without a begin time set
tvheadend add-on: stop waiting for an event if an error occured
tvheadend add-on: tvheadend doesn't send teletext data (yet). disabled it in HTSPDemux. closes #79
tvheadend add-on: reconnect when disconnected and show localised notifications when the connection state changed
vdr vnsi add-on: various updates. credits: pipelka
libTcpSocket: fix ETIMEDOUT on win32
full changelog: https://github.com/opdenkamp/xbmc/compare/bd16540b69...09c02fa24a

a binary for windows is available on the site linked in my signature.

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