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- fidoboy - 2012-01-05

Yes, i really love this visualization plugin, but unfortunately it doesn't work on latest Eden beta... i hope that it can be updated / fixed soon...

- adamomg - 2012-01-09

Digital Vortex Wrote:I really like this plugin. Nod

Feature requests:
1. in the next version, could you have it so that it is a constant preset..
(Time Between Presets = 0 / Off ? )
So if you choose the Singing Skull he sticks around for the whole playlist Laugh
2. One Preset per song - once a new song starts, a new preset starts

Thanks for your efforts!

Both of these options need to happen.

Thanks for making this! Works really well!

RE: [RELEASE] - Vortex for Win32 - sstavross - 2012-05-05

Any update on this so it can work on Eden? It is really very beautiful visualization!

RE: [RELEASE] - Vortex for Win32 - nmazz64 - 2012-06-01

(2012-05-05, 15:21)sstavross Wrote: Any update on this so it can work on Eden? It is really very beautiful visualization!

a very nice visualization plugin. also i'm waiting Eden version ! and i hope it isnt so late.

RE: [RELEASE] - Vortex for Win32 - rassilon22 - 2012-06-29

I don't suppose you could upload the source of your changes as a fork of the XBMC GitHub repository?

That would enable other folks to try and move this forward to Eden or even indeed to the nighties?


RE: [RELEASE] - Vortex for Win32 - donabi - 2012-07-03

i'm still using it on my good ol xbox.
and realy lovin it.

RE: [RELEASE] - Vortex for Win32 - MrC - 2012-07-29

I've finally sorted out a new version of Vortex that is compatible with the nightly builds that use the Audio Engine. This doesn't work with XBMC 11.0 due to issues with the audio data being sent to the plugins.

Vortex 1.0.2


RE: [RELEASE] - Vortex for Win32 - Wanilton - 2012-08-03

@MrC, thanks work great in Frodo.

RE: [RELEASE] - Vortex for Win32 - guygg - 2012-09-22

The download link for 1.0.2 seems to be dead. Is there a working download for it anywhere?

RE: [RELEASE] - Vortex for Win32 - MrC - 2012-09-24

Updated link: Vortex 1.0.2

RE: [RELEASE] - Vortex for Win32 - vanMiez - 2012-10-12

finally! thank you sooo much.

is it somehow possible to access the current color theme of a skin to adjust the rendering colors of the visualization? say if the current colour theme (or a special string set in skinsettings) is blue, display the spectrum analyzer in shades of blue!

RE: [RELEASE] - Vortex for Win32 - vanMiez - 2012-10-12

there is a problem with the addon: it isn't possible to use a visualisation in a size other then full screen.
the skinning engine of xbmc allows to size and place a visualisation control very free. but if the choosen visualisation is vortex than it is fullscreen all the time.

to prove just add
<control type="visualisation">
  <description>visualisation control</description>
in line 33 in MusicOverlay.xml of the foundation skin.

RE: [RELEASE] - Vortex for Win32 - rafi - 2012-11-14

Its very good! looks very much like r4

RE: [RELEASE] - Vortex for Win32 - salnajjar - 2013-01-20

(2012-09-24, 07:45)MrC Wrote: Updated link: Vortex 1.0.2

That link seems to be broken, is there a mirror anywhere?

RE: [RELEASE] - Vortex for Win32 - Peerless - 2013-02-04

Please update the links. Thank you.