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- josz - 2011-09-21

No prob,

here you go (log file's included in zip if still needed, cleaned the file from my homepage)

And thanks a lot! If there's anything else I can do, let me know.

Forgot to mention I run Aeon Nox as my skin, don't think that should mather at all but better be thorough Wink

- twinther - 2011-09-21

Hi josz,
I think I found a workarond for now until I can fix the addon properly.
If you go to the addon's settings and disable "Only use watched movies in the questions" and disable "Limit movie selection based on MPAA rating", then you should be able to use the addon..

I think your database has all movies marked as unwatched and no mpaa ratings available, but I will improve the addon to support this as well.


- josz - 2011-09-22

Thx twinther,

Working like a charm now.

- bluenote - 2011-09-24

Hey twinther,

I'm jazzed to see where yer at with mysql back in,
but how does installing your zip coexist with having the plugin installed from the repo? Do I need to uninstall first?
I'm not sure I know how to uninstall a manually installed plugin
should that be necessary as well.


EDIT: Silly questions on my part, installed it and it replaced just fine.
I'm doing the downloads now.

- twinther - 2011-09-27

Hi guys,
I have uploaded a new version with minor improvements since last time to avoid errors as well as provide better feedback while loading..

changelog is:
- Improved checks for invalid settings that could cause lock-ups and crashes
- Improved question logic error handling
- Improved visual feedback while loading

I didn't get much feedback on the mysql support, but perhaps no feedback is good feedback Big Grin

If I don't get much trouble with this version I'm going to add it to the repository...
(I think something is wrong with github, you must download with right-click > save as, file is okay)

Let me know what you think, feedback is always welcome!
I would also like to hear about ideas for new features if you have any.


- cyclonic - 2011-10-31

Thanks for the great quiz twinther really appreciate it Smile

Is there any way to remove the WARNING THERE IS A KNOWN BUG IN DHARMA 10.X...... Please


Never mind changed the code myself Smile all better now

- falafael - 2011-10-31

just installed it, and its brilliant, great, looked at this plugin, but never took the plunge, very very nice, me and the missus will love this!
Thank you!!

One snag, it activates Trakt each time it plays a clip, anyway round disabling this??

- GodzillaXP - 2011-10-31

Its a really cool addon!! Just great!

But I have one Request.
It would be nice to define the type of questions.

I prefer the "What movie is this?"-questions where a scene of a video is played.

- tungmeister - 2011-10-31

Will this be updated with Eden compatibility at some point?

- twinther - 2011-10-31

Hi guys,

cyclonic, the message is not present in the latest version. v0.4.4 - perhaps you need to upgrade?

falafael, I'll see what I can do. I'm not sure how trakt works though.

GodzillaXP, you can enable/disable all question types in the settings, so you only get the ones you like. This was a very requested feature earlier Smile

tungmeister, yes, actually the latest version should be compatible with eden, at least if you use sqlite. I think there was some changes recently to mysql in xbmc, which probably breaks support, but I'm working on this and other changes.


- cyclonic - 2011-11-01

Thanks a heap v0.4.4 did the trick Smile

One request a lot of folks have theme.mp3 in each tv show folder using an addon called Tvtunes.

So I was wondering if it was possible to add a TV question
"What Tv show is this theme this from" and have it play?


- twinther - 2011-11-01

That's a cool idea, I'll add it to the todo list and see what I can do about it Smile

- Rumik - 2011-11-25

Ah is it lack of Eden support that makes this not work? Sad panda Sad

- twinther - 2011-11-26

Hi Rumik,

Are you using mysql?
I think the database change that was made to xbmc a little while ago broke the current version. I am working on a new version that is working and should be done soon.


- Rumik - 2011-11-26

Hi there,

Yeah using MySQL, but I also have 0.4.3 and it's still not working. Then again it didn't work before I migrated to MySQL either.

Looking forward to the new version! Smile

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