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- NOT_U - 2011-02-18

NOT_U Wrote:Thanks again for the help here is the pastbin link http://pastebin.com/74WtkwNq I am also going to try embedding, though I have never done it so it might not work

<script src="http://pastebin.com/embed_js.php?i=74WtkwNq"></script>

Yep still can't figure out how people are embedding the logs into posts.

@ Twinther any luck figuring out what I'm doing wrong?? Could it be that I have 400+ movies in my library?

- twinther - 2011-02-18


It looks like a kindof race-condition in the initialization code, where it tries to load the cover art, before the question is fully loaded.
However I have made some changes to that code so I think I fixed this problem in the process. I will try to upload a new version soon, perhaps during the weekend if time allows.

If you feel like it you can checkout the latest code from github and try that, but I'm not sure how stable it is a the moment Smile

Thanks for your feedback.

- NOT_U - 2011-02-18

@twinther - thanks for the reply and support on this, I am a total noob to all this so I have no clue how to go about using the github...if I can find directions in another post (or if someone wants to shed some light) I will give it a try until you upload a new version


new release - twinther - 2011-02-18

I decide the code was stable enough for a release Laugh

I have uploaded v0.1.2 here https://github.com/downloads/twinther/script.moviequiz/script.moviequiz-0.1.2.zip

The biggest changes are:
- Attempt to reset XBMC video bookmark after playback
- Added settings to show/not show the correct answer, when an incorrect is chosen
- Better random question logic in case a question type doesn't contain enough data
- Added custom dialog for game over screen, etc.

and other minor stuff.

Please continue to send your feedback - it's awesome and I'll try to incorporate some of the other suggestions you gave in a future version!


- NOT_U - 2011-02-19

The update fixed it. Thank you for the help and and all the work you put in it. Thanks to this quiz I found out I know nothing about the 400 movies in my collection

- mad-max - 2011-02-21

twinther Wrote:I have uploaded v0.1.2 here [url]https://github.com/downloads/twinther/

Please continue to send your feedback - it's awesome and I'll try to incorporate some of the other suggestions you gave in a future version!

I do not send feedback Blush

But an updated translation: Laugh


- twinther - 2011-02-28

Hi guys.
Sorry for the radio silence. I have been hard at work on a new version and fixing bugs.
I have added support for a TV Shows quiz as well as new question types for movies.

The new version is available here: https://github.com/downloads/twinther/script.moviequiz/script.moviequiz-0.1.3.zip
Please let me know what you think.

At least some of the graphics are placeholders - the main menu is a proof of concept.
I really hope xbmc will support custom fonts for python addons soon - right now it looks best if you use Confluence as skin Smile

If you experience any problems please provide your xbmc.log file.
And if you don't mind also provide your [xbmc]/userdata/Database/MyVideos34.db, which contains the information on your movie collection which the Movie Quiz uses.


Oh and thanks for the translations Smile

- PatK - 2011-02-28


Just loaded up your new version script.moviequiz-0.1.3 only moments after installing V2. I gave the first one a shot... but it didn't work for me. The second was working good enough, that I was going to complain that it didn't load up the video's until you've had a few questions. Now the Movie side seems to work, but the TV side dies ina few questions as the link shows.

My first impression of V2 was I like the graphic at the start. V3 was almost as nice but worked first question... very nice. A little disappointing about the crash.... kinda heavy it it brings XBMC down. But definitely worth the effort with a pastbin. Love the concept, and you definitely have something...

Love to request... if possible, either long slice of video or repeat at least until the timeout and next question. Perhaps the fanart of the video popped in.. or some default elevator music... after the slice of video.. there's this erry silence. It would also be nice to have a notification noise for right/wrong answer... at the moment, I have to look up to catch a sliding window or X or not.

Just wanted to add that if I don't go into the TV questions, it seems to hold together, but after exit I get a warning at the top of the screen that a script has crashed.


Just noticed you requested Myvideo34.db and it's 10 megs, I've compressed it and upped it to http://www.mediafire.com/?nddy1z5nxd1ae7w 2 megs

- twinther - 2011-03-01

Hi PatK.
Thanks for your MyVideos34.db file, it already helped me solve a minor issue.

I'm not sure why you experience the crash. My XBMC also sometimes crash in linux, but this is usually related to low-level graphics stuff like page flipping according to the log. Unfortunately your log on pastebin doesn't appear to contain any errors, at least I didn't notice anything related to the movie quiz.

I will keep your suggestion in mind for the future, no promises though


- mad-max - 2011-03-01

twinther Wrote:Br.

Oh and thanks for the translations Smile

No problem...here we go with the updated strings for the new version:


Maybe you can write me an pm when new strings were added before releasing, so that you can include the updated strings in the release...


I relaise my library is a bit messy... not likely to clean it up anytime soon though. - PatK - 2011-03-01

It's still hanging up on entry to the TV section, here's another pastebin which may be more useful. http://pastebin.com/etHMTjKy it seems to have enough errors to suggest issues (ignore the weather plugin errorsSmile. I would note that if I click a movie answer then re-click it... stacking the clicks. (either by accident or thinking it didn't register the click) it bypasses the next video and registers as an answer. I didn't see an exit button in the movie section, so either backspace or left MB gets me back... I'm not sure if that's the behaviour you want.

On a plus note... I get a kick out of this program, but most questions are a little too tough. The best ones are guessing the movie that video clip shows.. if you could double or triple those up.... it would put a smile on my face Big Grin

- ijourneaux - 2011-03-02

First I want to congradulate you on one fine Addon. It is great to look at.

Just installed it. Seemed to start on and ran though a few clips Then it just hung

I had to kill XBMC and start over again. Here is the log file.


Take Care

- twinther - 2011-03-03

Thanks guys. I'm trying to figure out why it's crashing, but I fear it's inside XBMC somewhere - not pointing fingers yet though Smile
So far it appears a workaround is to let each video stop on it's on (let it play for 10 seconds) - I haven't experience a crash this way.

Mad-max, thanks for the translations. I will let you know before the next version.


- twinther - 2011-03-06

Hi guys,
I have uploaded a new version: https://github.com/downloads/twinther/script.moviequiz/script.moviequiz-0.2.0.zip

The biggest improvements are as follows, but the crash still occurs though less frequently now.

- Attempt to fix crash related to calling xbmc.Player.stop()
- Finished up TV show question settings, limit by content rating
- Improved menu gui

Let me know how it works for you.
I think the next tasks are cinema experience integration and movie quotes questions Smile

- PatK - 2011-03-06

Well I got further this time... http://pastebin.com/fZ3uN79e
I ran it a few times... crashes are in the TV section.

Movie section seems to work well... minor glich, I have a 20 episode railways.. Titled Great British Railway 1 through 20 so the answered are all the same!
I lose with a 25% chance... how cruel. The first video still has issues loading.

The first attempt the TV side froze up first question.... but I saw the Oscar icon

The second attempt went along pretty well for half dozen questions... but having the cover shown was to easy a giveaway.

The sweet spot... focus on the title page text to activate the sections is too small... I kept clicking on the medallions. Let me know what's next...

BTW: the integration with CE would be nice... tops for me.

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