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- PatK - 2011-03-07

A few more notes: I Like the stats trailer at the bottom.. kinda missed that first time around. I played it a lot tonight.. and tried out of few different settings.

-The first time you load up it seems to miss the first video, then all is normal.. if you exit and enter, it doesn't miss the first video.

-I've got a directory of 'Offline movies' with simple place card videos.. need a way of excluding this kind of file....

-After a few runs... it seems the same 2 movies came up for most of the questions... so the choices were between, Railroad (20 set), Place-card (offline), The Magnificent Seven, one Random pick... so the randomizer might need a bit of work.

-Doesn't crash in the Movie Quiz.

The TV issue...I now suspect that the lack of .avi's in folders with .nfo is causing the crashes. I have a number of e.g. BBC folder with a whack of sub folders without .nfo I use these and my slush folders for grabs.. ditto with various streaming internet grabs, they're all in one folder which I call Internet Video's. I'll clean up the TV drive a bit and see if that makes the difference, I suspect you need a quick scan of the TV area for .nfo without matching video's and either abort, or ghost out the TV side.

- PatK - 2011-03-07

Ok, after cleaning up the mess... and only having legit TV series on the drive with it properly looked after in the library. On first try... it killed XBMC, the second try the Quiz went ~ 6 questions. 3 & 4 try it went to the end without a crash. So somewhat successful, showing to me that in the main it works well, but at this point doesn't like odd .nfo with no videos. Something is still not 100% though.

For the couple of crashes... http://pastebin.com/wYsFuTZt

I'll point out that I don't have a lot of continuous series, and the question of what episode always has me stumped. I'd much rather have a triva section for TV stuff ala CE... and if fact why waste all those good trivia jpegs members have made and uploaded? A re-think here might save a bit of effort in the long run if you're going for CE integration.

- twinther - 2011-03-07

Hi patk,
thanks for all your comments and suggestions, i will see what i can do about it Smile

meanwhile about the crash/lockup I have create a bug in trac:

let's hope the xbmc experts know what's up Smile


Gives you a bit of quiet time to polish. - PatK - 2011-03-08

At least we know what it's all about, and the fix which is a waiting game for release. A holding pattern... for now.

- nmat - 2011-03-14

Is it possible to distinguish male and female actors? For the question "Who is this actor?" it would be better if we only had female/male options in the answers. I just had a photo of Cate Blanchet and one of the options was Jean Reno =P

EDIT: I did some investigation and apparently xbmc has no way to know that. The quiz could guess the gender by the name, but that it probably wouldn't work.

- twinther - 2011-03-17

Hi nmat,
Yeah, xbmc doesn't have the information. I'm thinking about getting the information from imdb perhaps, but I haven't startet on it yet.

Also I'm preparing a new version, so if any of you want to update the translations that would be great..
English is here:


Can't get it working... - Tophicles - 2011-03-22

... but maybe it's because I use mySQL and not sqllite for my library?

- twinther - 2011-03-22

Hi tophicles,
Yes that's why. There is only sqllite support at the moment.
Any chance you can send me a dump of your xbmc mysql database, then I can have a look at adding support for it.


- mad-max - 2011-03-22

Hey Tommy...

updated German strings:


- Tophicles - 2011-03-22

twinther Wrote:Hi tophicles,
Yes that's why. There is only sqllite support at the moment.
Any chance you can send me a dump of your xbmc mysql database, then I can have a look at adding support for it.


Awesome! You can download the dump here: http://radiokaos.com/dump.rar
Sorry for the external link, but it's too big to attach here...

Looking forward to being able to try it out!

- twinther - 2011-03-23

Okay, time for a new release - it's been a while since the last one, but I hope it's been worth the wait Smile

The major changes in v0.3.0 are:
- Add support for Imdb movie quotes (Data download required from settings)
- Avoid the same question multiple times in the same game
- Avoid video files ending with .nfo
- New question types
- What movie is the newest?
- What Movie is not directed by <director>?
- What actor is in these movies?
- Added experimental support for MySQL database

...plus a lot of other smaller stuff.
Expecially the crashing is a lot less frequent than what it used to be, but I'm not really sure why. There is a permanent fix for this coming in XBMC 11.0 (or perhaps 10.2 if we are lucky..)

I had to change the database code a lot, but as far as I can tell with the tests I have run it doesn't affect the sqlite code. But as usual please let me know of any bugs you experience and comments in general.

To test this release you need to install 2 zips - I'll try to get the added to the official repo if there aren't any major issues.

Movie Quiz v0.3.0: https://github.com/downloads/twinther/script.moviequiz/script.moviequiz-0.3.0.zip

MySQL/Connector for Python: https://github.com/downloads/twinther/script.moviequiz/script.module.myconnpy-0.3.2.zip
(This is required at the moment even if you don't use mysql)

I keep saying it because I mean it, thanks for all your feedback, help with translations, etc. Big Grin


- icky - 2011-03-23

have just installed 0.3.0 on xbmc 10.1, installed both zips linked above, both via addon manager and manually... but each time, quiz starts but no info shows, just continous loading screen... and also download from IMDB selection gives script error imdb.py...

debug log for you




- twinther - 2011-03-23

I tested on windows and i think i figured out what's wrong.
Do you have any movies in your xbmc movie database?
It appears you don't, at least the addon can't find the table it's looking for.
You can try the tv shows quiz if you have any tv shows in the xbmc database.

the imdb download problem is because the addon try to save a file to a folder that doesn't exist, so that's an easy fix Smile


Nevermind, I figure out how to get the logs. There's some problems with this version on Windows; i will update as soon as possible.
Hi icky,
Not sure what's going on, but I can't download your logs. I only get a empty file, are you able to access them?

- icky - 2011-03-24

i have 654 films in my xbmc movie database and about 5 tv shows... tv quiz is not even selectable for me.

- twinther - 2011-03-24

icky Wrote:i have 654 films in my xbmc movie database and about 5 tv shows... tv quiz is not even selectable for me.

Oh okay. Are you using a nightly build then of XBMC?
I haven't added support for that yet.

If that is not the case, can you try this test version and send me the log.

thanks for your help

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