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projectm: crap? - luke255 - 2011-02-07

I was a Winamp user way before v3 came out. I had a good graphics card at the time and could run Milkdrop at high res and fps. The experience was intoxicating. Such a perfect visualiser.

I first heard about projectm when looking for a way to run some form of milkdrop on Mac OS. I installed an iTunes plugin and, between crashes, was very disappointed.

I'm also a long time XBMC user and was also disappointed by the Milkdrop port but was aware of the XBOX's hardware limitations.

I now have a computer which is massively superior to my first one but XBMC + projectm are next to pointless.

The visuals are still pretty but seem to have no connection to the music whatsoever. Spectrums appear to be just white noise. I have had this experience across multiple machines.

Why is technology moving backwards? I am at the point of install Windows XP on my MacBook via boot camp and downloading an old version of Winamp. Not exactly the unified XBMC approach I am after.

It's 2011 ffs.

This post will be ignored. A working visualiser? Ha! That's so 1999!

- donabi - 2011-02-07

well, vortex is a very "exact" visualiser:

- spiff - 2011-02-07

we're still patiently waiting for your patches.