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[Windows] Buffering buffering buffering, possible solution - bjorntore - 2011-02-15

As many others, I have been struggling with "the buffering issue" for quite some time. There was nothing that would explain the buffering besides network troubles. The problem got worse with files demanding more bandwidth, so I assumed it was bandwidth troubles, even if the gigabit network works faultfree when copying the same files to the same computer, no bandwidth troubles there. But starting XBMC or WMP (or VLC for that matter) trying to stream the same files, there was glitches and pauses in between, and the problem grew exponentially with the bandwidth-need of the file.

Over the months I have been through every trick in the book, and then some - also XBMC forums of course. Suddenly it came to me - my long awaited solution.

The solution for me was to roll back the network drivers to an earlier set. I have a RealTek gigabit card and Windows Update offered some new drivers about 6 months ago. Never thought anything more about it, but thinking back the timeline fits Smile The newest drivers are dated 06.2010.

Now I have the drivers from 04.2010, and it works like a charm. Maybe it could help some of you others with the same problem? Anyways, I'm a happy camper now, again watching my .ts versions of all my favorite shows.


- YodaEXE - 2011-02-15

...There's a buffering problem? Things have been working fine for me for a very long time.

- bjorntore - 2011-02-15

Ok, I should mention that this probably isn't a widespread problem. But I have noticed a few users that may or may not find help in this solution.

- OlleDenStore - 2011-02-16

Thanks a lot! That solved the problem for me. Great work!


- dt2510 - 2011-02-17

thank you very much !!!! you saved me a lot of time not having me dump W7U64 and reinstall XPPro Big Grin

- ciris - 2011-02-18

Same buffering issue here. Will try the rollback.

- divisionbell77 - 2011-04-27

Ok, I have buffering issues and this NIC. i can't seem to find these specific drivers in the OP's screenshot, can anyone help?

EDIT, found same driver version, but stamped 3.14.2010.

Fixed my issue.

- StevenSeagull - 2011-04-28

Oh yea! Thanks for saving me from this frustration i had for the last 4 months! I even installed another nic card i my pc and that helped for a while and generally was rather ok. I thought my onboard failed. YAY! I can ditch the intrusive one out now.

- chimpin - 2011-05-02

I was having the same issues with my network. I updated the drivers and now I have 7.43 drivers and it works great.


- dpxray - 2011-07-20

Thank you very much... roll back my network driver fix the issue.

- luckyluke - 2011-08-01

Thank you very much!
I was having exactly the same problems, on playback of bluray (m2ts) movies over my network I experienced a lot of buffering, so bad it was not watchable.
Tried to upgrade 100mbit switch to gbit, but didnt seem to help. Tried to increase videocache size, nada. Even tried installing other XBMC versions etc etc, nothing seemed to work, BUT: rollback the Realtek driver worked like a charm!
Now i can finally blay BR content yey! Smile
Im using a HTPC with a Asus P7H55-M PRO onboard Realtek.

- Hiethen - 2011-08-07

I recently updated the drivers from my Realtek 8110sc network card and it appears to have solved my buffering issue with the Crackle add on.

- lvyelion - 2011-08-10

I'm experiencing the same problem with my EX490 streaming 1080P MKVs, I will try this later tonight.

- lvyelion - 2011-08-17

well, problem solved by updating to 2011 june driver on my PC Smile

- amdmannen - 2011-08-17

Very good info posted.
I don´t have the problem mtself but i do know a friend that has this problem.
I´ll give him a hint about this.

Thx Smile