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- keith - 2011-02-18

irate Wrote:I've been a lurker for awhile and decided to sign up today. but I work for a apple vendor an can get apple products CHEAP!

let me know if that helps!

How cheap can you get ATV2s? I saw some guy on ebay sold 1500 at $80/each.
It'd be awesome to find someone who can get them that cheap and sell them for ~$100 to the xbmc community, giving $10-20 to XBMC team on each device.

- chaoticmaster - 2011-02-18

This is the first time I have paid for software. And its free. Wow.

- carcaussa - 2011-02-19

I've been using it since my old xbox and XBMC is the only reason why I bought and atv2, so I contributed to the greatest media center software and you can count me in the frequent donators. Also I want to get involved in the development work

Thanks for your great job!!!

- valleyman - 2011-02-19

First-time user, first-time poster (here), first-time donator
Thanks for the great work

- pooh - 2011-02-21

bumping up to get some additional attention and see if this one can be made sticky

- Gooki - 2011-02-21

Thanks for all the effort, donated.

- Fire69 - 2011-03-01

Decided to show my gratitude also.

Thanks for all the hard work guys! Smile

- jmarshall - 2011-03-02

Cheers for the donations guys - a new macmini will be winging it's way to gimli shortly so he can work on coreaudio for OSX/iOS and we can get the audio engine branch in.


- wicky - 2011-03-02

$50 on its way from me, you guys do such great work! Don't think I'd ever have been happy with my media center without this software. Smile

- gimli - 2011-03-02

Also from me a big thank you.

- keith - 2011-03-02

This thread definitely deserves being sticky!

Donating brings more cool and more stable software. Awesome to see all the support.

- Rallycoops - 2011-03-03

Thanks all! The hard work is much appreciated.

New to the forum, but happy to donate...

- EvilMonkey - 2011-03-03

good thing. already donated some weeks ago. i love xbmc on my atv and hope that the dev team will keep up their already awesome work! thx to everbody involved!

- Philmatic - 2011-03-03

jmarshall Wrote:Cheers for the donations guys - a new macmini will be winging it's way to gimli shortly so he can work on coreaudio for OSX/iOS and we can get the audio engine branch in.


Awesome, other than the Blu-Ray ISO support (Which is already in the nightlies), AudioEngine is my second most anticipated feature. Bitstreaming FTW!

- CrashX - 2011-03-03

$100 refund from Apple for recent (2 weeks) Gen 1 iPad purchasers
I know, not a hot deal (so don't flame me too bad)- but could not figure out where else to post this.

Just incase people who just bought the recent iPad a week or two ago from Apple don't know, you can get a refund of the recent price drop. (copied from MacRumors)

Apple Policy:
Should Apple reduce its price on any shipped product within 14 calendar days of shipment, you may contact Apple Store Customer Service at 1-800-676-2775 to request a refund or credit of the difference between the price you were charged and the current selling price. To receive the refund or credit you must contact Apple within 14 calendar days of the price change.

The policy is obviously in place to simplify things for both Apple and its customers, as customers could return their original purchase within the 14-day window and repurchase a new one at the lower price. The refund policy eliminates the hassle for both sides, and also allows customers who have personalized their iPads and would thus be unable to return them to also receive the lower price.