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- divingmule - 2011-02-26

Quote:I would be happy if this icon is used in your script

Thanks, very cool!

I'll have to check with the powers that be, that be spiff and freezy Smile

- sdesign - 2011-02-26

Great plugin, used this a few times already today. Worked well! Thanks!

- DanMan - 2011-02-27

Agreed...... Great Plugin

Needs a way to set automatically.

Good work

- hubi2000 - 2011-02-28

Thanks man!
Works like hell! Even better then the scraper?! Smile
A hot-button for settin the current picture as fanart/poster would be cool!
If not - THX anyway! Smile

- divingmule - 2011-03-01

djtoll Wrote:I would be happy if this icon is used in your script Big Grin
greetz djtoll

I just noticed, add-on icons must be 256x256. If you could re-size it, when I tried in paint it gets kinda ugly.

- tboooe - 2011-03-01

uomiarz Wrote:This is great!!! big THX

This add-on definitely needs to find its way to visualizations, somehow Smile

This is a fantastic Add-on! As many people have suggested, this needs to start automatically as a visualization. This should be a standard feature in XBMC! Any idea if this is possible?

- djtoll - 2011-03-04

I have changed it to 256x256 ... sorry !

DL Link

and a second for plugin.image.lastfm

greetz djtoll

- dogett - 2011-03-11

divingmule Wrote:Stopping music playback should stop the script.
But how to stop this script without stopping music?
The only two ways I can stop this script are:

1. Disabling this add-on in add-on settings and then Rebooting XBMC.
2. Turning off the TV set Big Grin

Is there a simpler and more "elegant" way to do this?

- divingmule - 2011-03-11

Stopping the music playback or selecting "Last.FM - SlideShow" the same way you started it, will stop the script.

I just recently, found out by accident, the "m" key will show the music player controls during a slideshow Cool

- dogett - 2011-03-12

divingmule Wrote:selecting "Last.FM - SlideShow" the same way you started it, will stop the script.

Thank you!
It works.

lastfm addon - applesinafton - 2011-03-17

can someone point me to the addon zip? Thanks

- divingmule - 2011-03-17

applesinafton Wrote:can someone point me to the addon zip? Thanks

From XBMC, go to Pictures>Pictures Add-ons>Get More...

- odt_x - 2011-03-17

Hey, I played around with this a bit over the weekend, quite fun! Thanks a bunch Smile

For easier start/stop I added this as an item to the favorites and set that as a custom home item in Alaska Revisited. For whatever reason though, stopping is not working when when activating the favorites item a second time.

I will post a debug log later, but maybe there's a better way to work around the start/stop than to activate twice?

- fmronan - 2011-04-23

I have adding your script in music submenu it's very nice, thanks

- Vultures - 2011-04-23

Would you be possible to use this script visualise local music?