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Slightly Off Topic - fishypops - 2011-02-19

I have to show you lot this link. This is a chap on a Jeep Cherokee forum replying to a girlfriends' inquiry. This simply must apply in the XBMC game as well ! Gives you that feeling of "yea, too damn right".


- dtviewer - 2011-02-21

I laughed so hard reading that reply....Big Grin

- h.udo - 2011-02-23

That as got to be the best post in a forum ever.

- fishypops - 2011-02-27

I only wish that I had so much eloquence. In this forum, you hear so much about WAF, you know that many of us are already under the cosh.

- sanitarium09 - 2011-03-09

Post the year. No, check that, post of the decade.

- falafael - 2011-03-09


- patm95 - 2011-03-09

That man is alike a modern day Confucius!!