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- publicENEMY - 2011-06-07

ive install both XBMCSetup-20110430-caa7295-dx_video.exe and XBMCSetup-20110430-caa7295-dx.exe and still can get dxva working properly(about 30% more processing usage than mpc-hc). is there anything i need to configure? is there any documentation?

- st graveyard - 2011-06-08


I have the dsplayer version of XBMC together with FFDSHOW codexs.When playing the movies using hardware acceleration, the cpu usage is around 45% for 50 frames a sec. When using the software decoding the CPU usage is around 6% for 25 frames a sec. Bottom line is I don't see the difference (on my pc). Need to test it again on the bigscreen with HDMI.

- tuxen - 2011-06-08

Just wanted to thank tiben and those involved!
Allthough this is not the perfect sollution yet.
IT saved all playback on 720p 1080p mkv material now.
With out hardware working on those formats, I was a very sad man. ;(

So thanks alot for coders that go out of the way to make sollutions like this. (you Heh.)
And offcause, I still cannot wait untill it all gets merged into XBMC somehow.

But in the mean time you done a hell of a job, pleaaase keep going Smile

Btw. if i decode anything else than H264 or VC1 using ffdshow I get choppy playback, Strange. But maybe its well known for some reason?
The oppersite effect of using xbmc ffmeg. Probably nothing related. I'm just scraching my head.

Best regards, tuxen

- Babbage - 2011-06-13

Ihave had that same choppy problem. Strangly some random messing with with audio might have sometimes fixed it. Hmm.

- joeydrunk - 2011-06-23

Am I able to use Lavfilters with dscodec?

- LordMerlin - 2011-06-24

Yes. It works.

- thadiyan - 2011-06-26


Do you always update your first post with the latest build link? Thank you for all the time and effort you have put into this development.


- jacky89 - 2011-07-05

Tiben20, will there be anymore releases for DScodec based on the new nightlies?? What is the latest version so far? Is the one on the first post the latest version?


- waver123 - 2011-07-07

Does anyone has download problem with the links provided by tiben? The directory shows the files as ~45MB, yet when I do a save link as, I only got a 5Kb size file. Files have 0430-caa7295 and last changed is 01.05.11.

Also, what is the difference between the dx.exe and dx_video.exe version?


- liquidskin76 - 2011-07-07

Yeah, both links are dead. Development is on hold for minute while tiben has a break!

The video version was just directshow video decoding only (no audio). The other version was experimental audio decoding as well.

I have compiled the most recent commit however didn't have any luck with getting it working.

@tiben, would you like me to post a download link on the understanding it isn't officially supported?


- FidgetyRat - 2011-07-13


I was following this for quite some time as DXVA through XBMC's main player is slightly choppy on my hardware, but Core AVC using CUDA runs flawlessly. Unfortunately without this complete, I'm stuck with DXVA..

Here's hoping development continues or someone else takes over!

- oldpainless - 2011-07-14

Hi Guys,

Thought I'd drop by.

Tiben - has dev stopped on this?...or are u just taking a break?

Liquid - in the absense of any comment from Tiben at the moment, I dont see why he would mind a new build being complied and tested, with the understanding that it's not supported, but people can post their findings which will help Tiben with bug fixes etc.

Anyway, I use dscodec on my main mediacentre, and I hope that dev continues!


- mecore - 2011-07-15

I have registered the MPCVideoDec.ax and preferred it in DirectShow. (Windows 7) (with the Tool from the doom9 forum) When i play a movie in the MPC standalone Player my CPU Usage is 15% and lower, in XBMC its always 40%+. In the 1 post tiben says it must be DCBig GrinirectShow for the DXVA, is my setting here false? (see screenshot)

When i enable FFDShow i also got 50% CPU Usage. I watched a tutorial from Youtube and the Creator got an DXVA Shortcut on FFDShow after installing, is this Video old or iam missing something? I got no shortcut like this in my Program Menu

Thanks for your hard work tiben Smile


- mecore - 2011-07-15

Gosh what a pain... Wink

Now i got FFDShow installed and XBMC using it (test with the OSD from ffdshow). In Windows i set FFDShow DXVA to the preferred Decoder for H.264, but when i start an mkv in XBMC always the standard FFDShow gets startet, but not the DXVA. No

Any Ideas? FFDShow DXVA works perfectly testing it in MPC HC as an external filter.

Greets and thanks!

- LordMerlin - 2011-07-15

Disable in regular FFDShow decoding H264. In Codecs page of settings.