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The Orbs, a skin by KoTiX - KoTiX - 2005-01-27

here are some shots:

- C-Quel - 2005-01-27

preview animations of what exactly?

skin look nice though :thumbsup:

- webMASTER_P - 2005-01-27

pretty neat, looks like it's going to be a good skin
i think i know what you mean by animations, but it would help seeing that in action

- KoTiX - 2005-01-27

by animations i mean an intro movie for each section, as you see in the first 3 shots there are 3 frames of the small halo2 movie for "myprograms" section.
animations are avi files converted to gif images.
i'm still looking for small avi to use in myfiles, mypictures and settings, if anybody have an idea or a link for something usefull please let me know.
cheers. :thumbsup:

- jamal - 2005-01-27

a great kotix :thumbsup:

- Livin - 2005-01-28

now that is nice!

- HarshReality - 2005-01-28

when is it you expect to have this one done?

- BritneysPAIRS - 2005-01-28

kotix just finishing up new mameox and that looks great you look like you have time now and i will soon....hopefully we can do a skin sometime

- KoTiX - 2005-01-28

Quote:when is it you expect to have this one done?

maybe in a week will be ready, but as always pal4/3 only.

- Gamester17 - 2005-01-28

nice, though suggest you add much stonger high-lights on the item selected or one won't be able to clearly see which item you're on when scrolling/browsing on some tv's

- spiff - 2005-01-28

if your tv can't show the difference between a green 'ball' with an a in it and a blue ball with no 'a' in it i suggest you throw it away.. Wink

(sorry, couldn't resist)

- C-Quel - 2005-01-28

it's a black and white tv set!


sorry me neither :joker:

- Livin - 2005-01-28

the only suggestion i'd have is that having the rss feed inside the orb may make it difficult to read since the ares is so small in length... you may want to move the feed to th ebottom of the screen where you can scroll it the full length.

- Gamester17 - 2005-01-28

...and if someone, like my/your parents, don't know who or what ac/dc and master chief is, then how are they suppose to know the 'topics' intuitivly?, never assume anything :p

- KoTiX - 2005-01-28

Smile hahaha, is there anybody outthere who doesn't know angus? (just kidding)
i used those animations because they were the first avi files i found or i have at home, i'm still looking for something to use for myfiles and mypictures.(helps are appreciated)
for settings i'd like to use the original ms startup animation, what do you think??
the rss feed is not that much shorter then the project mayhem one.
does anybody think it's too bright?? on my tv the home page is fine but the other sections with almost the same background become almost unreadable.
p.s. i'm really happy that gif images don't take so much resouces now, you've got to see them! Smile