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- BlueCop - 2011-10-28

Committed the update. Let me know how it works.

It has options on which stations to list for in the setting. I don't have access to a account with espn,espn2 content but if you do then enable login for the provider in the settings. You can enable the ones you are authorized for in the settings. Default is just espn3

The userdata.xml is stored in special://profile/addon_data/plugin.video.espn3/
like the cookies.lwp file.

You can use each one to insert custom swids and providers.

here is how a cookies.lwp should look.
Set-Cookie3: SWID="[b]XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXX[/b]"; path="/"; domain=".go.com"; path_spec; domain_dot; expires="2031-10-28 03:56:20Z"; version=0
Set-Cookie3: espn360affiliate1=[b]<provider>[/b]; path="/"; domain=".go.com"; path_spec; expires="2012-04-25 03:56:20Z"; version=0
Set-Cookie3: espnAffiliate=[b]<provider>[/b]; path="/"; domain=".go.com"; path_spec; domain_dot; expires="2011-10-28 20:36:20Z"; version=0

here is how a userdata.xml should look
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>



    <personalization loginStatus="Anonymous Guest" swid="{[b]XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXX[/b]}">

the bold <provider> should be replaced with the custom provider if you are using one. The others bold XXX are where the SWID goes.

if you edit these files and then turn on the login setting but turn off clear cookies you should be good. It won't touch those files in this situation and just use the information you input.

these files are stored in addon data so will persist between updates.

- haenchensd - 2011-10-28

Sorry bluecop but I can't get this to log in no matter what I try. If I tell it to login it fails to load script everytime. If I tell it to not login then I can't get access to all those things that require login. I also never get a cookies.lwp file no matter what method I use. Any suggestions or things I could do to help?

- BlueCop - 2011-10-28

give me more information. I can only confirm att login working. someone reported verizon as working.

I don't have logins for the provider so I don't know if they have more intermediate forms that are auto submitted by javascript or possibly confirmation pages with javascript redirects.

Let me know what your provider is and then pm or email me logs of the failure.
It is most likely just needs a manual submit for a form before it is redirected back to the go.com domain for the cookies.

did another update that includes some days to display settings.

You can control the number of days(1-10) of upcoming events to display. there are also settings for the number of days in the past for the 4 replays items. You can adjust these to your liking. smaller numbers load quicker.

How to use the login from your browser - BlueCop - 2011-10-28

I am going to try to describe how to use the login from your browser with the plugin.

when you are logged in to espn and can view content then save the link below


save it as userdata.xml and store it in special://profile/addon_data/plugin.video.espn3/

look back at the post below for info to create the cookies.lwp
Use the values from userdata.xml

Change your settings to enable login but disable clear cookies. This will make it use the files you saved.

I am curious to hear reports of the non-ESPN3 content working for those authorized. It will list the other content if you enable it in the settings. I don't have an authorized account so don't know if it will work or not. I am sure I can get it working but just might need logs from someone with authorization.

anyone who is authorized for non-espn3 content. could you grab this link when logged in http://broadband.espn.go.com/espn3/auth/espnnetworks/user
if you could please send me the contents. strip out any identifiable info.

- locomot1f - 2011-10-28

BlueCop Wrote:I committed an update to add some cable login support. I learned a bit from cable login support from the epixhd plugin.

I have tested this with an Att account and it worked to authorize access on another network.

It only supports these providers.
Time Warner Cable
Bright House Networks

It will also soon support Cox but their login form is built with javascript so needs some more code. you will see an option for cox already but it won't work.

Those are the only providers I could find login functions for. If there is another provider that does login then let me know and I can try to add support. Sorry I didn't subscribe to the thread so I am behind on the discussions that have happened. I know there are some patched versions around. If anyone wants commit rights to the repo so they can do any patches just let me know.

I will need feedback on if the other cable logins are working. I don't have logins to test for them. I can only confirm AT&T

Configure your provider, username, password, and tick enable login in the settings if you want it to login and use cookies.

If no one objects I am going to working on displaying the games differently so that movie or perhaps tv views are used. We can use the airdate infolabels for the date and time. Plus a descriptive plot could be created with a better layout of the available information.

great news! thanks for your continued hard work and support of this plugin! i'm thinking of switching my provider to at&t just because of this plugin!

- ksosez - 2011-10-28

Just answering your question about the passport sites. I found that when I did this originally created the script, the replay xml was slow in loading and wasnt easy to sort. They might have changed it recently.

BlueCop Wrote:I rewrote most of the listing code.

do people use these passport sites xml files because the espn site won't serve them the lists?
I didn't want to commit anything till I understand why the intermediate site was being used?

- hunkyn - 2011-10-29

BC i tried to play sporscenter and here is the error i get.

The only thing i was able to derive before also these events seems not to have the bamcontentID and only those events fail. I was able to play other streams. In the log i sent you a clean version only with a failure log.

Thanks for the new updates i am loving it

- BlueCop - 2011-10-29

I got some logs for espn networks. I am trying to code something up now.

It should support the other networks soon. right now they won't work. it needs some new code in the playback function.

- BlueCop - 2011-10-29

Committed the update for espn1, espn2, espnu, and espn goal line support.

time warner cable, bright house networks and verizon fios are the only networks authorized to work. if you have a swid from them then it will work. you have to enable the networks in the settings to list them as well.

if you do use these networks then I suggest you reduce the number of upcoming days because the list of upcoming gets large

- paveksam - 2011-10-29

Plugin have been updated, I create files like in post 571 with real swid and provider - espn3 channels works. But there is no info about replays, at all. Just picture. I mean, no "Aired date", "sport" etc lables .. I did somsng wrong? I`m from Russia, but this is hardly an issue, right?

- BlueCop - 2011-10-29

what skin are you using? it sets the display mode for confluence.

you can change the view to a media info or press i to bring up the info.

- paveksam - 2011-10-29

Well, I didnt set some other skins. I use XBMC only for this plugin.
Initial look: __ Skin settings: After I press 'I': Home skin settings:
Image Image Image Image
Some options in skin settings should be changed?

- BlueCop - 2011-10-29

press left and change the view or press i on the selected item to bring up info.

not sure why setting the media info view isn't working for you

- emilsvennesson - 2011-10-29

Great updates! The plugin should get renamed to "Watch ESPN" as it now features more than ESPN3.

- BlueCop - 2011-10-29

I am going to work on log-in issues now.

This post has info on how to extract your swid from a browser session to use with the plugin. If login fails in the plugin then you can use this method to get it working right now.

I hope to work out all the log-in problems soon.