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[RELEASE] AEON Showmix- Support/Bugs/Feature Request - ZombieRobot - 2011-03-05

AEON Showmix 3.0 (Dharma) 07/26/2011 latest showmix build


AEON Showmix is a collaboration between many people across the globe its a modification of the awesome AEON skin originally created by Duncan Harris

Your help is needed!
Please report any bugs/feature requests here no matter how big or small they may be.
Bug list can be found here!


The link above is the current stable dharma release of AEON Showmix enjoy!


As of 10/27/2011


Showmix pre-eden (next release)

- Clean up of settings options
- Added CD case to music widget
- New option to switch between themes (Switch between the current Showmix look and the old classic look more themes to come)
- Added welcome screen into Showmix
- Changed default backdrops
- Fixed broken trailer windows
- Clean up of video info navigation
- New extrafanart button in video info screen (New support for extrafanart script by Paddycarey/Machine-Sanctum)
- Added Extrafanart support in all views
- Extrafanart bulk download buttons in settings for movies and tv shows
- Added new view Halfwall
- Added new view Banner
- Added new view big Showcase
- New random items on home
- Added new slimline volume bar
- relocated volume bar to bottom of screen
- Added new option to toggle between small boxed video window and fullscreen visualization on home screen
- Lots of other little changes


Showmix dharma (latest release)

- New Aeon Showmix classic views (bit buggy until next release)
- Added toggle between classic and current video info screen
- New home menu animations
- Reworked home menu (new Textures adjustments)
- New recently added music (toggle between albums/songs)
- Added 20 items to recently added music
- Home menu cleanup
- Texture cleanup
- Bulk cleanup of old code
- Fixed trailers
- Fixed side menu
- Toggle between classic video info screen and current Showmix video info
- Added all old Multiplex views from showmix 2.1
- Extra fanart support added for movies and tv shows
- Reworked Home menu animations
- New look home menu leather bar
- New Animated dream scene background in home menu (currently disabled until 3.1)
- New bug fixes
- New video OSD info screen
- added cover and plot to new video OSD
- Fixed alignment issues in cdwall osd
- New Home menu backdrop
- updated tv tunes
- Fixed trailer problem in all views
- Started working on switching fonts to opensource ones
- Upgraded some of the current graphics
- Deleted hundreds and hundreds of lines of old code
- Sorted Textures got rid of duplicates.
- Updated logo downloader
- Fixed recently added
- Fixed totals in movies/music/tvshows on home screen
- Studio flags problem in multiplex when info is off
- Media flags playing up in multiplex
- Fix spinning cd on off conflict
- Music recently added not showing title
- When cdwall enabled slideshow osd wont display (fix in next release)
- views sidebar not navigating as it should
- CDWALL grid offset x axis

Fixes/Features for future releases

*Random item scripts
*Global search
*pvr support
*re worked paused/osd menus
*Extra fanart (implemented but disabled for current release)
*Tv show overhaul Banner support
*ironing out bugs for eden
*Artist Slideshow suport


- ZombieRobot - 2011-03-05


- ZombieRobot - 2011-03-05

New This Build Showmix 3.0



- ZombieRobot - 2011-03-05


Working on

*Making it eden ready (moved to 3.2 release)
*Next aired


*Global search at home menu
*Extra fanart suppot
*Random items on home
*Fixed Improve legibility texture problem
*New half wall view
*Recently added music widget now on home menu

- ZombieRobot - 2011-03-05


Any bugs that are reported/known about can be found here!
This list will get updated as bugs are added/fixed

*Fix mediaflags in multiplex
*Classic video info TV show cast/plot problem (to be fixed in release 3.2)
*Classic view not working in music
*Classic view needs to be optimized for TV shows
*Stupid alarm clock problem Fixed
*Fix larger rss and time image problem
*Link games shortcut to launcher plugin

- ZombieRobot - 2011-03-05


- BigNoid - 2011-03-05

That CD Wall looks great!

- ZombieRobot - 2011-03-05

Big_Noid Wrote:That CD Wall looks great!

thanks well thanks to ronie he did all the hard work just noticed a problem with it the grid image has a X alignment problem oh wellConfused

- butchabay - 2011-03-06

Yoo Zombie... Just great great great! You throw an arrow in all showmix lovers hearts Smile
Keep up your hard and awesome job dude.

- kim1406 - 2011-03-06

Thanks for this release. Is it compatible with ION based systems?

- ZombieRobot - 2011-03-06

I haven't tested i would say its more resource heavy but you could always give it a try and see how you go i would say similar to aeon65 let me know how you get on for performance on ion system.

- jantunes - 2011-03-06

very nice skin, using it right now. I only have one question, where can I get the movie thumbs? I have the NO THUMB AVAILABLE message in all the infos...

- Hunter-Killer - 2011-03-06


Thank you so much for this! My favourite skin I own an Acer Revo but I haven't had a go on it yet, using it on my big PC very nice.

Does the feature include the Aeon info window like the ones seen in Aeon65 and Alaska instead of the info spinning around on the plot and the poster on the paused screen is there an option to turn this on or is this for a future release or have I complete mistaken these bits with Aeon Lite?



Cheers and keep up the awesome work!

- Hunter-Killer - 2011-03-07

jantunes Wrote:very nice skin, using it right now. I only have one question, where can I get the movie thumbs? I have the NO THUMB AVAILABLE message in all the infos...

With in the movie folder you need a create a new folder called thumbs and within the folder have .jpg image of the thumb you want called thumb1.jpg and thumb2.jpg

- DazNoonan - 2011-03-07

Looks really good... Do you know how this performs on the ATV2?