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How to tell what's been watched? - jjkroell - 2011-03-07

In some skins they put a different graphic overtop of the 'thumb'. When I go into my TV episodes or movies I can't tell which ones have been watched.

This is really my only issue with this skin, I love it! You guys could/should charge $$ for this type of work.

Thanks from Canada.

- uncle sammy - 2011-03-09

Should be a "+ sign" I believe, in the top right hand corner of the Episode Image if it is unwatched, then it disappears after you watch. Sorry not at home to post a pic of what I am talking about.

** Edit: found a pic online of what I was talking about. this shows a different symbol but its still upper right corner for unwatched.

- jjkroell - 2011-03-10

Thanks for the reply! Mine doesn't show that, is there an option in the settings??

again, thanks Smile

Got it... found the setting under 'settings -> ellipsis -> Hide New (unwatched) video overlay.




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