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[RELEASE] Penny Arcade TV Addon - jorsoban - 2011-03-08

Video addon for all the content at: http://www.penny-arcade.com/patv/

Now available in the official repo.

- rickatnight11 - 2011-03-13

Hah! I was just watching the latest PATV and thought it'd be nice to have it on my XBMC. Thanks for this script!

It works perfectly and just needs some slightly better organization (perhaps a sub-section for the latest episodes, rather than having them inline with the other main categories.)

- jorsoban - 2011-03-27

I added an option to put the listings for current episodes in a directory, and this is now available in the official repo.

- rickatnight11 - 2011-03-31

It looks good, thanks!

- kingmob - 2012-03-03

Is this plugin dead or does it just need a small update to Eden?

RE: [RELEASE] Penny Arcade TV Addon - ztripez - 2012-03-23

I realy miss the Penny Arcade for XBMC. Is the source anywhere so i can take a look at it and perhaps port it to eden?

RE: [RELEASE] Penny Arcade TV Addon - Tolaris - 2012-04-11

PATV plugin version 1.0.2 works fine in Eden. Just take a copy of it and install it manually in ~/.xbmc/addons (or the equivalent location on your OS).

Can someone copy this to the Eden repository, please?

RE: [RELEASE] Penny Arcade TV Addon - kingmob - 2012-05-05

Any way users can request an update on the repository. I assume all we need is a git url?