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- eskro - 2011-03-11

just get the KINGSTON 8GB SSD then,, goes for ~$40

- eskro - 2011-03-11

renacho Wrote:Is there a reason why you installed windows 7 x64 instead of x86?

yes there is, because its about time for me to move on to 64bit system...

XP x86, ok...

But Win7, x64 FTW!!

- eskro - 2011-03-12

bmcclure937 Wrote:Sounds like an interesting story... Rofl

NEVER buy from onHOP.ca!!!
Enjoy your life instead!

safe place to buy for Canadians....
* newegg.ca
* buy.com
* amazon.ca
* ncix.com
* memoryexpress,com

- HansP - 2011-03-12

witch version of Aeon do you have ? i have one but its slow when selecting to go to the options or movies ....

- eskro - 2011-03-12

well AEON MQ2 is considered an heavy duty skin....
since im using it on top of an SSD,
everything goes blazing fast for me!

Now, the latest version of the AEON MQ2 gives you the possibility
to choose 3 modes of installation,

Anyhow, i chose BASIC, and its really fast!!

- HansP - 2011-03-12

i have a Q9300 oc'ed @ 3ghz with 6gig ram and HD5770 in my desktop and if i select movies it goes slow Confused

other skins goes nice

i'm doubting between standaard coinfidence and alaska , find that nice too

- eskro - 2011-03-12

eskro Wrote:Now, the latest version of the AEON MQ2 gives you the possibility
to choose 3 modes of installation,

Anyhow, i chose BASIC, and its really fast!!


- HansP - 2011-03-12

yeah i choose basic too Smile

- mcan - 2011-03-13

bmcclure937 Wrote:I do not recommend XBMC Live from USB stick. The only thing I would ever consider running via USB stick is OpenELEC.

In this case, you could run OpenELEC from USB flash media and not get SSD. I still recommend running from internal media to help with performance though!

XBMCLIVE from USB flash media works fine. Its not as stable however I just put up with the occassional system crash. Depending on mainboard, USB can be slow to cold boot from and thats where SSD wins out. But who actually cold boots their HTPC anyhow? Hibernation is so much more practical. All in all, USB is very worthwhile considering for the budget HTPC build.

- patm95 - 2011-03-13

I can't get over how fast your computer is when you exit the movie while it is still playing. I recently built an htpc similar to this, but I have a 3 core processor and just using on board graphics. Mine has a slight pause to it. Looks like you did a great job!

- tomal2k - 2011-03-14

hi eskro,
nice setup, this will lead to a long story but i'll keep mine short . my "Project" stared last year when didn't quite have lot of content, still burning .avi on DVD and watching it on my DVD player. we got a 55" led that came with few surprises, can't watch any avi's any more as they look shit, along with loosing 4 years on personal pictures which was my own fault. i was forced to get a NAS with raid so I don’t loose any more data. anyway with NAS i got more space that lead to Blurays and HTPC in consideration. Like many people here my wife will never tick a budget [more than $300] that only plays movies on tv, so had to go Economy mode. After a long research i got ASRock 330HT [barebone] i had a spare 80gig HD and 2 Gig DDR2 ram. The system is almost perfect but obviously has occasional hiccups being Atom plus I can’t Rum AEON MQ because it is too slow on this PC. My current setup is ASRock ION330HT+80SATA HD+2GB DDR2 Ram+XBMC Live. Atom is good because I am going Green from last year. My Question to you is:
How is the power consumption on your device.
What was the total spent? [I live in Australia]

- eskro - 2011-03-14

not sure how to calculate the power here... Sad
but i have to say its very low as i make my htpc sleep after only 1 minute of inactivity... so,
i save alot by doing that...

u can use aeon skin mq2, its basic mode should be running good on your system...
but getting an SSD would definitely make things snappier for you!!!

- wicky - 2011-03-14

By my count the parts in your original post should consume a peak of about 210w, typical load would be 110-130w, depending on how you are configured for cool n' quiet and such. During sleep mode it'll be a lot less than that, in the teens perhaps.

- eskro - 2011-03-14

then, i have to say its very good Smile

- osirisjem - 2011-03-15

Does this work well for controlling Windows 7 from the Couch ?