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- eskro - 2011-03-27 22:10

thats what i did, i installed --> iMON - iMEDIAN HD 7.90.0702 Official Version (Jul. 5, 2010, Installation File).zip

and then i applied this update patch --> iMON - iMEDIAN HD 7.91.0929 Beta Version (Sep. 29, 2010, Patch File).zip

- ROEDK - 2011-03-28 13:47

How is it holding up on cooling?

My own Zotac H55-ITX Wifi/Core I3 seems to run a little hot (~50C in idle to 70+ during video playback).
I'm suspecting my crappy case restricts airflow, so considering replacing it for the one you got.... if its still available ;-)

Which cpu cooler are you using, and what are your idle/load temperatures?

edit: And how about the remote? Usually bundled remotes have a tendency of being a piece of cheap non responsive plastic. How is the Antec holding up?

- eskro - 2011-03-28 15:44

hello ROEDK, i have zero issues with cooling whatsoever!
theres 3 fans that u can set to low speed which makes very low noise
and everything is cool and airflow is great!

i use default HeatSink&Fan that came with my CPU,,,

now the temperature i can check but you'd need to give me some time...

of course its not the best remote so, dont think about using it as your main
XBMC remote... range is not great, but whats it great for is PowerON&OFF HTPC
and also Waking it up from SLEEP....

hope this helps

Ahci? - jamesriley72281 - 2011-03-29 19:36

How is that mobo with setting up AHCI with the SSD? I looked around and there's seems to be a download for a preinstall AHCI driver?

- eskro - 2011-03-29 19:41

not at all, no need for drivers here...
you can change SATA TYPE from IDE to AHCI without requiring anything...
just unBox MoBo, install it, and enjoy Tongue

- jamesriley72281 - 2011-03-30 07:05

Fantastic! I shall be heading to Frys tomorrow to continue piecing my first HTPC together. I can't wait to really get into setting up! I'm sure I will end up with questions and you seem to be the guy to ask Wink Thanks for the quick response on this one.

- xecutionx - 2011-03-30 08:07

Do you have any images of the iMon display in use? I'm interested to see how it looks/works.

- eskro - 2011-03-30 19:17

xecutionx Wrote:Do you have any images of the iMon display in use? I'm interested to see how it looks/works.


- jamesriley72281 - 2011-03-30 19:40

I wanted to use Zotac's slilent GT 430 with my build. I would be using the same mobo but am not sure if the card would fit the board? Do you know?

- eskro - 2011-03-31 00:36

the Silent Zotac GT430 can be handled by the Gigabyte mobo,,,
but it wont fit in a slim case...
u need a low profile card...

- jamesriley72281 - 2011-03-31 06:20

That's good to know, and yea I have been researching HTPC cases that can fit a full GPU like the silent Zotac and I have had trouble finding good reliable information. I actually have an old tower case laying around I may convert into something that would look normal in an HT environment and call it a day as far as the case goes.

- eskro - 2011-03-31 20:42

well u can buy a case like the SilverStone Grandia05...
i think the card will fit in there...

- jamesriley72281 - 2011-04-01 04:17

Very nice! Fits full size GPU and I can use my currently unused full size power supply in it! Sold!

- eskro - 2011-04-01 06:49

i almost bought that SilverStone Grandia 05 case too....
i went with the ANTEC in the end because it was slimmer
and had a PSU included..

- jamesriley72281 - 2011-04-01 17:21

Plus that LED display on the Antec is sexy and impressive. If girls cared about cool things like HTPCs that would "get you laid" Wink