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- eskro - 2011-04-18

tazgrainger Wrote:Eskro, I can't thank you enough - because you were considerate enough to share your build you saved me a lot of time and aggro - Great job!

no Problem, just happy to help!

Nice setup... - jcbillanes - 2011-04-20

I like your Posts “Eskro”...

Very helpful but I decided to go with the 2nd Gen NVIDIA ION from Zotac (ZBOX-ID41 with 1.8GHz).
Very compact and have enough power and speed to run XBMC and surf the web.
I just wish that XBMC have a web browser built-in so I don’t have to exit when I surf the web.

Link: http://www.zotacusa.com/zotac-zbox-zbox-id41-u-intel-atom-d525-1-8-ghz-dual-core-mini-pc.html


eskro Wrote:Image

[CPU+HSF] AMD Athlon X3 2.9GHz Triple-Core AM3 95W
[MOBO] Gigabyte GA-MA78LMT-S2 AM3 Micro-ATX
[GPU] ASUS GT210 512MB DDR2 64-bit Low Profile Silent
[RAM] G.SKILL Ripjaws 2x2GB DDR3 1333 CL7
[SSD] Corsair Nova 2.5" 32GB SATAII Trim Read:195MB/s Write:70MB/s
[CASE+PSU] Antec microFusionRemote 350W 80+ Certified Micro-ATX
[WiFi] ASUS PCE-N31 IEEE 802.11b/g/n2 PCIe 300Mbps 128-Bit WPA2
[KEYBOARD] Rii Mini RF 2.4Ghz
[MOUSE] Gyration Air GO Plus RF 2.4Ghz

- eskro - 2011-04-21

theres no problems with those ATOM nettops!

As-long as your not into 3D Movies, HD-Audio BitStreaming & High Def Web Content Streaming, your good to go!

- jcbillanes - 2011-04-21

Your right...

I have a main DT with i7 GTX560-Ti Sli that I use for games and other HD Streaming. ZBOX is mainly for xbmc and watching ISO movies. If I want 3D I have the Samsung for that...

- Aelius - 2011-04-22

Hi Eskro,

Just to clarify, the graphics card is able to output audio? is this a feature of the graphics card or xbmc?

Id be wanting to put this into mine when I build. Will this be capable of outputting the audio via hdmi?

from your previous posts I also notice this card is capable of 3d output?

- eskro - 2011-04-22

hello Aelius, yes the GT210 can output audio & video via HDMI....
But it wont do 3D playback...
if you need 3D playback, get the GT430 video card ~$70USD


- Ashaneil - 2011-04-24

Eskro - sweet build, mate. Feel free to ship one over Tongue
Others who posted their build - thanks for all your input

I created a new post with my questions. Thanks for all your help. Cheers


- eskro - 2011-04-24

Ashaneil, create a new thread completely please Tongue

Just post here a link to your new created Thread about your build, then i'll help you ...

peace Smile

- macer - 2011-04-24

It looks like you have 2 HDMI ports @eskro. I am right?

- eskro - 2011-04-25

only 1 HDMI port and its on my GT210 GPU

- macer - 2011-04-25

ur motherboard does not have display ports?

- eskro - 2011-04-25

well yes, i have D-Sub + DVI display ports on the mobo itself...,
its just the HDMI comes from my GT210....

- davidw - 2011-05-12

Nice setup!

If someone needs the case http://cgi.ebay.at/Antec-Micro-Fusion-Remote-350-/120722120539?pt=DE_Elektronik_Computer_Geh%C3%A4use&hash=item1c1b995f5b

- Vogelsong - 2011-05-13

Im getting ready to build a htpc of my own and have stumbled across this very helpful thread.

Thank you for the info. I do have one question.

Why the SSD and the 2T HD? Instead of the 2T HD on its own?

- Vogelsong - 2011-05-13

Ok so after reading a lot of stuff about your build and anothers. It sounds like your running the OS and XBMC on the SSD and storing the media on the HD.

Is this essential for a fast system?