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- HeeD - 2004-01-16

first i have to say that xbmc is working way better than older builds i have tried. i am nearly to the point of dropping xbmp entirely.

i did notice that older builds, when i used the d-pad left/right to skip forward/back through a video 1sec (up/down is 1min skip), it displays a white progress bar and percentage, time etc. of movie played. with last few builds, including jan 15, 2004, although the d-pad still works, all i see is a horizontal white line flicker near bottom of screen. it seems the developers are changing it to more of an xbmp style thing where you have an osd to do this. i personally liked the way it was before. i hope it is just temporarily broken and they just need to link it to the new osd progress-bar display.

- batdesign - 2004-01-16

i hope they keep the xmbc progress bar. becuase it is one off the main reasons i use xmbc over xbmp cous the screen looks better. i don't think the osd of xmbp is very functional(especially with the remote) i bought an xbox for my dad so he can stream everything to his tv and dts sys. the only problem he has is the ui. i hope the dev's can improve the gui cous it is quite odd Smile not for me but for the most noobs it's pretty confusing. thx for xmbc btw. i love it to death Smile i use it more then i play games on my box.


- joe_user - 2004-01-17

can you play games on the xbox? :d yep, xbmc is the only thing i use, besides a few emulators. xbmc rox!

- tards - 2004-01-19

in the 1-15-04 version, the progress bar "flashes" on the screen and disappears quickly. is this what you're seeing? i wonder if there is anywhere to adjust this?

- PolishKid - 2004-01-19

i once was trying to use a previous version of xbmc but it would only crash! and now i updated to the most recent version of xbmc and am loving its new features over xbmp and the ability to customize it so much. i'm not a newb, but, uhh... what is osd?

- dparish - 2004-01-19

another thing i have noticed in the 15th build is when hitting the info button on xbox remote, there is a new osd. this is ok, but in my previous build i used i used to get a time display which was real handy in telling how far the movie has got to go in real time figures. i like the progress bar, but i'd also like to have a time elapsed, total time display stil.

- HeeD - 2004-01-19

osd = onscreen display.