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[WIP] Prescence by EKIM232 - ekim232 - 2011-03-16


Here is my intial release for anyone who wants to check it out. Please post any bugs you find and screenshots are always helpful. There are some blank spots in the skin you will notice that are reserved for where I will put my logo, if I ever get one together. Enjoy!



Here is a look at the skin I have been working on for the past few months. I used Xperience as a base and designed it with a large amount of their textures, so I have to give a big thanks to the creators. It does not share many similiarities beyond fonts and textures, and what was shared has been heavily modded for my own tastes and for the sake of setting things apart. I am about 90% complete at this point, so I wanted to put it out their to get some opinions before I get a beta test round going.

Basic Skin Features

-Light / Night toggle to changed textures and fonts on the fly. No reloading needed
-Tv poster thumbs are the default, but it utilizes banner.jpg, logo.png, and landscape.jpg much like Alaska Revisted
-Views for each section were built around the media being displayed and their specific types of info. Views for tv, music, and movies do not share more than 1 views type in common.
-TV Tunes support
-Logo & banner.jpg downloader
-Subtitle & lyric script support on osd
-TV Guide for nextaired.script
-Several background images that changes for Light / Night toggle. Can also choose your own.
-User defined panel images for homepage.
-Each browsers contains a customization window so change features on the fly. This helps eliminate a large customization window in settings. Also give the user a chance to see exactly what their are toggling.

[Image: screenshot005oz.png]

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Screenshot Album

Two Small Videos

Video 1

Video 2

- rflores2323 - 2011-03-16

looks great. love the views video 2 is not working.

- ZombieRobot - 2011-03-16

looks sweet nice work

- igotdvds - 2011-03-16

How did you manage to get CDART on the ALBUMS level?

- ekim232 - 2011-03-16

igotdvds Wrote:How did you manage to get CDART on the ALBUMS level?

I don't think that you can. That is probably a screenshot of songs levels. I remember asking about that when I was working on that view.

- ppic - 2011-03-16

pretty good work as usual ekim !

- ubuntuf4n - 2011-03-16

This looks good, especially the stylish diffused colours!
Count me in for the beta-test. Smile


- Hitcher - 2011-03-16

Very nice but I think using toggles for views restricts how the user sets up their skin.

eg If they want one view setup for Movies but a different setup for Recently Added Movies to distinguish between the two?

Separate viewtypes are a better option in my opinion.

- martix - 2011-03-17

"Play Trailer" support ? Smile

- ekim232 - 2011-03-17

martix Wrote:"Play Trailer" support ? Smile

Of course.

- Bkam - 2011-03-17

any ETA on when we can take it for a spin ?

- ekim232 - 2011-03-17

Just want to add support for a variation of home icons and user defined, ability to add short cuts to add-ons from the addon submenu, code the smart playlist editor/creator, remaining open/close animations, & now playing widget for all windows.

Should take me less than two weeks to complete all of that...maybe less if I get a lot done on Sunday.

- AaronD - 2011-03-17

Love it when an almost complete skin pops up like this. Very nice, looks great, I will be sure to give it a try.

I'm not sure anything will be able to pull me away from Alaska Revisited... many have tried... but I am sure something will one day Smile

- Bkam - 2011-03-18

Will or can you add the ability to use fanart insted of icon, like alaska has?

- ekim232 - 2011-03-18

Bkam Wrote:Will or can you add the ability to use fanart insted of icon, like alaska has?

You can choose between 3 sets of default icons, your own icons, or none at all.

You can also apply your own images to the background of the menu panel....with or without the icon there.