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Please add an option to disable landscape mode on the remote - arcooke - 2011-03-16

EDIT: Referring to the remote function. Forgot to add that to the title.

It's all in the title. I hate when I'm holding my phone/remote, and the screen flips sideways when I don't expect it to. It happens constantly, especially when I'm laying down holding my phone in a semi-awkward position.

I'd really like to see a feature that lets us disable landscape mode.

Thanks Smile

- arcooke - 2011-04-17

Generally don't like to bump a post, but it's been a month and no replies. This seems like a really quick feature to put together.. can it be added?

EDIT: I see others are suggesting this as well. Didn't notice until after my bump, sorry.

- nobody_here - 2011-04-17

Just turn off screen rotation on your handset.

- arcooke - 2011-04-18

nobody_here Wrote:Just turn off screen rotation on your handset.

I realize I can disable screen rotation for the whole system, but it would be a lot nicer if the XBMC remote had this option included. If I disabled it system-wide, I'd have to disable it every time I used my media center, and I'd have to go and re-enable it again when I was done.

I can't imagine it would be hard to add in an option.

Settings > Remote Orientation
  • Force Portrait
  • Force Landscape
  • Auto (default)

- gabbott - 2011-04-18

Do you happen to have the app tasker? If you do, I can show you how to do this with that app.

- freezy - 2011-04-18

There's already a ticket here. It's noted but not on high priority.

- arcooke - 2011-04-19

I'll give that a shot gabbott, thanks.

Thanks freezy

- traxxus - 2011-04-19

Or just install an app you can tell which app should rotate or not:


- nobody_here - 2011-04-20

Just to play devils advocate, I use it in landscape mode more than portrait because the buttons are spaced out better and the text seems easier to read. Which brings me to my request which I will create a thread for.

- freezy - 2011-04-20

Yeah it'll be an option, won't disable it permanently, don't worry. Spent too much on landscape "now playing" screen for that. Wink