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[DEV] LiveOnlineFooty.com - myksterx - 2011-03-23

PLEASE MOVE OVER TO http://xbmchub.info/


OFFICIAL RELEASE THREAD: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?p=776481#post776481

LiveOnlineFooty.com is a website in which you can view premiership football via the web
This plugin has simply been created for myself, however i found there was alot of interest so i am happy to develop it further with help from
this forum as my scripting skills arent the best!

Hi guys, i have recently requested in the plugin section for someone to create a plugin for this, however, i took matters into my own hands and have done one now.

The script is working perfectly ok - however, i need some assistance if someone wouldn't mind?

Ok - The website consists of 16 "Channels" (or RTMP streams) which are all working.

However, on the website itself- each frame for the channel (Channel1.php, Channel2.php) etc.

Above the stream is a title/header which is what is streaming on that channel.

For example:

Channel 1 - 12:45 Tottenham vs West Ham | 15:00 Man Utd vs Bolton

I wish to "Grab" this line of information and use it as the entry in XBMC.

Currently my entry simply says:

Channel 1


Is there anyway i can grab this from the page and get it to show in the entry?

Screenshots.. - myksterx - 2011-03-23




This is it so far and here is it streaming..


Pretty basic but does the job..

Maybe the channel list will give a better understanding of what i mean in the first post..

Replacing the "Channel 1" etc with whats on..

Below is a screenshot of the website i am on about - highlighted in red is what i want to grab and show in XBMC in place of the channel number

[Image: thispl.jpg]

- dukedevil0 - 2011-03-23

looking really good for only a few days work!

if i knew how to help i would, but i'll just say i'm really excited for this to get released!

- ksosez - 2011-03-23

I would need to see your code to help you parse that information.

- DFENS 360 - 2011-03-23

This looks promising. KUTGWCool

- Justcop - 2011-03-23

I love you

- Justcop - 2011-03-23

Looks like the plex developer of this programme had exactly the same issue.
Does this help?


- nikc0069 - 2011-03-24

This is awesome - using sopcast on my server and a stream file ATM which is a bodge to say the least.

Would this plugin handle the signin too? Will want to run on this on my atv2- assuming it uses rtmp streams?

- myksterx - 2011-03-25

at the moment its a basic script that just runs the RTMP streams from the site.
i have to login via the website then fire up xbmc.
i have plans to:
- login dialog
- rename "Channel 1" etc with whats currently streaming

although with commitments with university this week wont have much, my dissertation is due in and once thats done i will try to complete this addon to do the above (which is the bare basics thats needed)

- ProphetVX - 2011-03-25

nikc0069 Wrote:This is awesome - using sopcast on my server and a stream file ATM which is a bodge to say the least.

Would this plugin handle the signin too? Will want to run on this on my atv2- assuming it uses rtmp streams?

I've been working on a plugin for another site that uses rtmp streams streaming an flv. On anything but the lowest bitrate the atv2 has buffering issues as a result of cpu spikes. I'm sure there are optimisations that will happen in the future but at the moment, it's quite a frustrating experience.

- nikc0069 - 2011-03-26

Rtmp seems fine in other plugins I'm using Smile login details in settings, like icefilms, would be awesome. As it's on atv2, can't login any other way.

- DazNoonan - 2011-03-26

This looks like its going to be ace... can't wait to test it out.

- xDamos - 2011-03-31

When can we expect the plugin? Smile

- jabba_29 - 2011-04-03

Would love to test this - even if it only had channel 1, 2 etc.

Any way to work out the streams and code so it would work with Livestreams plugin would be great. I wouldn't mind hard coded values provided it worked...

- nikc0069 - 2011-04-05

Is this plugin still in development?