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Additional TvTunes Options - ZERO <ibis> - 2011-04-03

I am pretty sure that the following request is handled by the skin and not the addon so sorry if I am wrong about that.

Currently TvTunes makes it so that when you click on a given tv show for example it will play the theme song. I would like to have some expanded options for this so that it could play just from you scrolling over the given show. There could be a short delay so that it does not start playing music all the time but lets say that you go over a show and have not entered it yet. After you sit there for X seconds it will start to play the theme song, if you click enter it will keep playing unless you start playing a file, leave the menu of which it first started playing in or started to view another show.

It would require only 2 new options:
Play theme song on show highlight
theme song delay

- Sharpe - 2011-04-03

Yeah it's a nice idea, particularly the delay suggestion.

I'll see about adding it.

#EDIT - oh on second look it's not something that can be done at skin level. I think you would need to request that ppic alters the script in order to make that happen.

- ZERO <ibis> - 2011-04-03

Ok Cool I will make a post there later today with the request. Big Grin

- ZERO <ibis> - 2011-04-27

I have found a way to get this to work at the skin level simply by just having it play the theme.mp3 file when a section is selected. I also got the preview not to show up by setting the tvtunes back end to true. This however was all accomplished by integrating the playing of the music to the preview button I created to replace the titles of shows. This method also stops the video overlay from being displayed when the music is playing.

Here is the code used:

However I did run into a problem. Unlike when the real tvtunes plugin activates this method does not prevent the music now playing thing from activating like it does when your regularly playing music. If someone knows how to prevent that from activating let me know. Then with some further work I can find a way to fully implement this into the skin normally. Wink

- ZERO &lt;ibis&gt; - 2011-04-27

NVM, I have figured it out. I will be refining this a bit more and will post up a guide when I am done.

Things that could help speed up my work:
Ideally I want to just run
when you select the show in the library but I do not know where the object that this rests in is. Additionally it would be nice to place a delay but I do not know how.

- ZERO &lt;ibis&gt; - 2011-04-27

Ok here is how you block the menus from coming up (full guide later)

Simply locate within includes.xml & in MusicOverlay.xml the first instance of:
and add after:

This will make it so that if the music file is theme.mp3 it will disable the music stuff like tv tunes normally does. This should be fine as tv tunes lables the music theme.mp3 and thus this is simply a more universal and easier way of doing what that script was trying to accomplish.