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RE: FoxSoccer.tv - locomot1f - 2012-09-06

anything new for this weekend?

RE: FoxSoccer.tv - locomot1f - 2012-09-14

hope you've got some good news...
big week coming up!

RE: FoxSoccer.tv - billcox - 2012-10-02


RE: FoxSoccer.tv - loobyloo - 2012-10-03

foxsoccer is awesome. i would love if it had its own.

RE: FoxSoccer.tv - olinbg - 2012-10-11

Hey sorry guys, another hiatus. I'm away this coming weekend but would like to take a look at updating the code next week.

Here's the question: what's the most pressing issue? Getting this streaming on Apple TV2? Or support for live streams?

RE: FoxSoccer.tv - billcox - 2012-10-12

Support for live streams!!

RE: FoxSoccer.tv - tarapon - 2012-10-14

ATV2 support

RE: FoxSoccer.tv - locomot1f - 2012-10-15

atv 2 support -- but i imagine anyone with ATV 2 will say this.

RE: FoxSoccer.tv - billcox - 2012-10-18

atv2 support is kind of worthless without live streams, if live streams is done first some people can start using this great add-on.

RE: FoxSoccer.tv - bhatti00 - 2012-10-24

live streams for sure followed by atv2 support

RE: FoxSoccer.tv - billcox - 2012-10-31

Foxsoccer lost EPL for the 13/14 season, I bet NBCU doesn't even allow live streaming of the games.

RE: FoxSoccer.tv - olinbg - 2012-10-31

Yeah, I've been looking at the proxy code, but this add-on just lost some of it's reason for life.

Still, there CL deal stays around for another few seasons.

RE: FoxSoccer.tv - olinbg - 2013-01-06

Just an FYI that I won't have time to work on this add-on moving forward. The links remain active and the github will be updated as I clean things up, but RL commitments aren't going away.

RE: FoxSoccer.tv - fouad796 - 2013-01-08

Im interested too

RE: FoxSoccer.tv - gates78 - 2013-01-08

get it please