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Quick Video Plugin Thumbs Fix for 0.8.5 - mstef - 2011-04-12

I dont't know if anyone done this before me but I want to share my quick work with you. This is my simple fix for video plugins mode. When I watch youtube movies and I don't have landscape thumbs because only fanarts could be shown. I fix only FanWrap, Episode2, WideIcon & WideIcon2 views as other views I don't use. Please, download zip file and replace files in your 720p folder. Remember, it works on basic 0.8.5 version, so if you use any mods be carefull and make backup of them. Enjoy.


Download the fix

- Japaja - 2011-04-20

Hi, thanks for this, but I have a problem making the views "stick". It seems to change back every time I change page to see more videos.

- mstef - 2011-05-22

Japaja Wrote:Hi, thanks for this, but I have a problem making the views "stick". It seems to change back every time I change page to see more videos.

I have the same but I think this is how xbmc handle add-ones or sth like this. When I switch pages and set the view for them and when I come back the view is remembered. If this annoy you assign any button on your remote to specified view mode ID and problem solved. I always had assigned teletext and color buttons on my remote to switch views.

- Hitcher - 2011-05-22

Change the order of the views in MyVideoNav.xml so your preferred view is first.

- Japaja - 2011-05-22

Better late then never. Big Grin I'll try it both ways, thanks guys.

- mstef - 2011-05-30

I correct some mistakes in my mod, so anybody can try, it runs faster in some views and this is important for me as an ION user. I don't like totals, recent items and rss on home, and I also add some picture in the front as a test. I prefer to use also and only grunge 2 effect Smile Link to download is in my signature and home look like this:


- Japaja - 2011-05-31

Looks amazing, going to try it now. Maybe u can make a new thread since this isn't just a "quick video plugin thumbs fix" anymore. Smile

- mstef - 2011-05-31

This is only my improvements and the skin is always in beta so not needed, but maybe someday Smile
BTW, the image on home is hard coded, so you can find it in Home.xml which point to the media/_test_ folder.

- Japaja - 2011-05-31

Changed it already, but it wouldn't refresh without changing to some different file name in home.xml too. Looks like xbmc is storing the skin images in some cache.
Also changed the banner view to support banner.jpg in TV shows folders and in MyVideoNav.xml (like Hitcher suggested) I put view 506 (episodes2) as first one so it always stays as default when browsing youtube and vimeo.