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RE: [WIP] Metropolis skin - Prizm4 - 2014-09-05

(2014-08-24, 08:29)jingai Wrote: The ability to add up to 4 custom home menu items will be in the next release (2.8.1). Give me a couple more weeks or so. Trying to make the time to push it out Smile

oh great, thanks for that.

RE: [WIP] Metropolis skin - jayleekay - 2014-09-05

Not trying to add more to your plate, but user henryford created a skin widget fork that will give you more sorting options for random and recent. It gives you the ability to sort your recent by aired date instead of added-to-library date. I'm actually surprised more people don't want that functionality. Incorporating it into metropolis would only make the skin better IMO.

RE: [WIP] Metropolis skin - jingai - 2014-09-05

Honestly I think I'd rather wait until that goes into the official Skin Widgets. It's a nice feature, but forking for single features like that just leads to a lot of fragmentation.

RE: [WIP] Metropolis skin - jayleekay - 2014-09-06

For sure. The main developer refuses to commit the changes for whatever reason.

RE: [WIP] Metropolis skin - jayleekay - 2014-09-08

Is there a master repository where I could get bleeding edge commits?

RE: [WIP] Metropolis skin - m23439 - 2014-09-10

I have been holding off switching to another skin, in anticipation of the custom home menus feature arriving in 2.8.1. Any idea when this will be released. I love this skin, but the absence of this feature is frustrating

[WIP] Metropolis skin - jingai - 2014-09-10


RE: [WIP] Metropolis skin - jingai - 2014-09-11

For those of you waiting for it with baited breath, Metropolis 2.9.0 (for Gotham) should be out by the weekend. This will be the final feature release for Gotham. Bugs will be addressed with point releases if they arise.

My next focus is on support for Helix, which will be 3.0.0. Since the Helix release is likely to come soon, I might bump some features from the first release in favor of getting a skin that simply supports the necessary changes in Helix.

To kind of help things along, I am in need of some graphic artists for some icons. I'll be more specific in a later post, but if you're familiar with github, the issues currently open for Helix are at Milestone 3.0.0. Anything there that includes a comment with a request for images is what I'm referring to.

I know the releases have been less frequent than normal, but my time has been more limited lately and I prefer to go for solid releases where all features work, rather than add new features en mass untested. I am trying to get to everyone's requests though.

RE: [WIP] Metropolis skin - jayleekay - 2014-09-11


RE: [WIP] Metropolis skin - VelvetKevorkian - 2014-09-11

Afaik, there is currently no possibility to have "Music -> Files" on home screen,which would be nice.

RE: [WIP] Metropolis skin - Prizm4 - 2014-09-11

looking forward to the update, thanks

RE: [WIP] Metropolis skin - jingai - 2014-09-16

Obviously didn't happen last weekend, but this weekend for sure. Last weekend was my daughter's birthday and I thought I was close enough to get it out, but with social obligations in the way I wasn't comfortable letting it go just yet. It's close though, guys.

RE: [WIP] Metropolis skin - jayleekay - 2014-09-16

Stop toying with my emotions! Haha

RE: [WIP] Metropolis skin - MacGyver - 2014-09-16

Do you need help?

RE: [WIP] Metropolis skin - jingai - 2014-09-16

Mostly I just need to test and button it all up at this point. I can handle it.