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XBMC - The Dharma Guide - HenryFord - 2011-04-21

I want to present my dharma-guide to you - this is a full-featured guide on how to setup your XBMC properly, including your sources, libraries and customizations. I tried to keep it as viewable as possible hence I did not include everything around the XBMC - not by a long shot.

What is present in this guide?
1. XBMC - Complete guide to the setup (sources, libraries, customizations, etc.)
-> Including a full guide to the "Advanced Launcher"-Add-On
2. Sabnzbd - Complete guide to sabnzbd
3. Couch Potato - Complete guide to the Couch Potato program
4. Sickbeard - Complete guide to the Sickbeard program

In a nutshell:
I'll explain how to setup a PVR without actually owning one or using live-tv. Sickbeard and Couch Potato will give you the possibility to fully automatize your Home Entertainment Solution.

Give it a go - critic is always welcome, just post what is bugging you.

--- V. 1.0.2
---- Updated the license model in order to allow commercial usage
---- Restructured the layout of the Media-Manager-Section
---- Added a few media-manager
---- Added "Z" to the global keys

--- UPDATE (minor)
I finally came around to change my webhoster, downloads should be faster and more stable now.

--- V. 1.0.1
---- Silly me, forgot to include the network-section which I already wrote: *fixed*

--- V. 1.0
---- release version forked (see original thread: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=98189)

Recommended Download! (Right click -> Save as)


Website (you can access the guide here):

- johnmacalister - 2011-04-21

looks awesome henry. cant wait to go through it.

well done

- HenryFord - 2011-04-23

thanks - hope you enjoy this Smile

- john.doe - 2011-04-26

Thank you very much.Nod

- omegatek - 2011-04-26

Great post. Took a quick look and looks really good. Should give most people an easy start for setting up XBMC + Sickbeard + Couchpotato.

Good job! Should probably be a sticky

- fredphoesh - 2011-04-27

HenryFord Wrote:PDF:

Hello Henry
The link is not working.
I got the pdf from the mirror,

- HenryFord - 2011-04-28

Should be fixed now. Thanks for the heads up.

- HenryFord - 2011-05-09

Just a litte heads up:
I just updated my webhost and changed to a more reliable one, you should experience less problems from now on.

Also I rewrote the webpage in order to get rid of all this MS-Generated-Crap, it should work much better now (and you should be able to see all pictures Wink )

- techmad - 2011-05-10

This is great there's huge amounts of information in there Smile

Thanks very much for taking the time to put this together, it'll be a great help in getting my setup working the way I want it to!

- bahdbwoy - 2011-05-10

+1 Great stuff man

- jbloggs - 2011-05-11

Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks very much for all the effort you have put into this, its very much appreciated. I will need to set aside a weekend to carry out the steps Smile

- cider123 - 2011-05-11

Thanks Henry. I must say this guide helped me out when sorting my library for XBMC. But I must ask, is usenet really worth it compared to torrenting? I mean considering you have to pay (I think?) for usenet.

- HenryFord - 2011-05-11

cider123 Wrote:Thanks Henry. I must say this guide helped me out when sorting my library for XBMC. But I must ask, is usenet really worth it compared to torrenting? I mean considering you have to pay (I think?) for usenet.
No problem Smile
Depends, I like the usenet, it's easy and simple. For me the advantage comes with the reliability, nearly everything is available at fullspeed and you do not have to rely on seed/leech ratios. Of course - PrivateTracker do help in this case, but it is difficult to keep his own S/L-ratio good.

But both programs, sickbeard and couch potato, can make use of torrents as well. I will write an addition for the guide on how to setup your torrent-prog properly in order to use torrents efficient.

So, you can choose between both methods: Paid and Free, it really is your choice Smile

In the guide however there are already instructions on how to setup the torrent-usage for cp and sb, but a bittorrent-client instruction is not yet included.

Primary link not working - bsoriano - 2011-05-13


It seems that your website is down at the moment. Could you please let me know when it is up again? I would love to look at your Dharma guide. Thanks.



- HenryFord - 2011-05-13

Mhm...just checked, it works fine...: