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RE: Convergence - Mudislander - 2012-08-19

Hi there

You'll have to edit home.xml in the skins 720p folder. The submenu bar belongs to
<control type="button" id="9002">
around line #43. It's up to you how to hide it - comment the whole group out, change the <visible> conditions etc etc...

The play etc buttons at the bottom belong to
<control type="group" id="9003">
down near the bottom around line #639 The easy way to hide them would be to just add
as the next line eg #640.

Should be a bit easier for you when I do next update as the menu system used in Confluence.Lite.Mod was originally supposed to be proof of concept for this skin. Smile

RE: Convergence - Hudson_Hawk04 - 2012-09-21

just wanted to check in again and see how your healing up and check on the progress of the recode.

RE: Convergence - Mudislander - 2012-09-21

Hi. I've been doing some work but a lot of other issues ATM Big Grin Still going to hospital on weekly visits, have also been kicked in the knee by a horse so now can't walk properly, lost my work contract due to above issues and am moving house to another town at end of month. Life is exciting !!!

Re Convergence am re-doing it from virtually scratch and right now doing the home screen, was going to put in a horizontal menu option but all of my friends who have tried the Confluence Lite Mod prefer the old fashioned verticle menu - so that's what we're sticking with.

RE: Convergence - deadspeak - 2012-10-07


Is there anyway to remove the watched overlay? i only want unwatched films to be highlighted.


RE: Convergence - Mudislander - 2012-10-28

@Everyone - Convergence will now be superceded by Hybrid.

Thanks for all your support and I hope to see all "Frodo" users in the new thread Smile