"access denied" on network
first of all hi, this is the real eltax90, and not my mate that stole my name for internet forums lol.

but recently im joining in trying to fix this xbox Smile.

i have searched the forums,



but nothing returned.

and for the record, im not looking for a bookmark answer, i know about them.

right the problem is.....
we have the evox2.6 xbox1.0, and are trying to stream files (movies music anything) over the network.
it lists all devices on the network (5 pc's) correctly but can only access one, it will play anything (movies music anything) from this no probs. however wont play from our server Sad

the server has no firewall (its a lan server only), 2 folders shared, and each have permissions set to 'anonymous logon' and 'everyone', yet when we try to access the folder we get 'access denied'.

we have re-formatted and reinstalled from original dvd twice, dropped all firewalls, new cables, removed the password on the server (which has the shared set to 'anonymous logon' so it shouldnt matter) and done everything i can think of.

any help much appreciated

edit - ok it removed the search links, but i have tried several different searches on the forum, promise lol
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"access denied" on network00