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Hi guys, I wanted to know if there is any progress being made on the ability to see shows MISSING from your media library?

I understand at the moment the reason it doesn't work like this is because xbmc processes the directory list and only tries to download information for recognised show/season/episodes

Would it not be possible to recognise show/season and then download all episode information for that season, THEN match against recognised episode filenames?

I'd like to contribute to the project in helping to make this happen if no one is currently working on it.


Just imagine how cool it would be if:


Above we could have episodes seven and eight here in the folder visible just greyed out for example? You could hover over them and get the description etc and decide if it's one worth seeing (at least on series where each episodes doesn't link through, for others you at least know how to complete your library if you watched those missing eps on TV for example).

I really think this is a simple idea worth looking into. If anyone else agrees please reply to show your support.
Sounds like a good idea to me!

It would be nice to see missing episodes for multiple reasons, first of all because I don't always notice missing episodes just by a missing number in the list and if you add airdates to grey episodes it has two benefits:
- It's easy to see if episodes are already aired and available for download.
- The name and air date of the new episode can be added to the episode list so you don't have to check the tv guide or something.
I love this idea. I would like to help as well, if I can.
It would be even cooler if with the new sickbeard API you could click on missing episodes and have sickbeard download them Smile
automated, love that idea!!


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Should be possible. Should be a setting on the scraper. No problem in the database except a new status handling needed.
Possible quck fix is to see the lack of path as "missing" but that would probably create other issues down the line.
automated Wrote:It would be even cooler if with the new sickbeard API you could click on missing episodes and have sickbeard download them Smile


At least make it possible to run a custom command when clicked, so that other services/user defined scripts can execute.
I fully agree, and had the same idea. I had one little extra, to show upcoming episodes also.
Glad to have some support behind this! Does anyone here have any technical background? It looks like modifying the library builder/scraper is the way to go about this. Although it makes me think if it's so simple how come it wasn't thought of before when we had people with holes in their libraries?
Adding my support for this! Would be great to be able to see when the next episode of a show is coming up (date name etc). The ability to tie in with sickbeard would be awesome but I think to start with it would just be great to show missing episodes...

Big Grin
Had a chat to the people that look after scrapers and they have said that it is something to do with the VideoInfoScanner. Really wish I knew more about this. If someone does I would love to hear their thoughts on it.
Cheers again
Is there anyone that has a understanding with the video info scraper? I'm assuming that there is a flag that decides if an episode should be shown or not? Otherwise is it purely decided on if there is a file available or not?
+1 - i think that connection wieh sick bear could help a lot...
I like this idea too, but there's gotta be some considerations for the fact that scrapers aren't always right. I've definately had theTVDB mislead ember for my scraping, and also if you have a double episode merged into one file it would have to know that you're not missing that one, it's just tacked on the end of the other.
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