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one thing that i don't like about the new pm3 skin is that when i'm using the remote i can't find a way to go up a folder.

for example, if i go to "my videos", i then have the option for a movie or tv folder. if i pick the movie folder, but then change my mind and decide to watch tv, there is no way with the remote to go up a directory that i have found.

previous versions of the pm skin have had a button at the top of the list labeled ".." which would bring you up a folder. now the only way to go up a folder is to grab the controller and press the b button.

is this a function of an updated xbmc, or did pm3 just disable this for some reason?
go to settings an uncheck hide parent folder items.

as for going back, i use a universal remote, so i know you can go back with the remote, but i'm not sure which button it is on the m$ remote.
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a) 'back'-button on your remote
b) settings->my movies->hide parent folder options

not a skin-issue
sorry didn't see the hide parent folder options checkbox.

i'm using a harmony 659 universal remote though, and can't find any button that is used as back.
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