TV Show Custom Season Names
Hi All,

I've had a good old search but can't figure out if the following is possible.

Use a custom name for a tv show season.

i.e. Instead of season 1 is there any way i could change the season name to something like 01 - Australia.

I'm thinking in particluar for Formula 1 content as you can see by the example above.

Sorry if this has already been asked, but i couldn't find any other thread.

Edit: sorry for posting this in the wrong forum at first Blush
XBMC doesn't care about season folders. Call them whatever you want.
Hi Ned,

Thanks for the reply.

I don't think i was clear enough in my question.

Within LIbrary Mode of the tv Shows section..

In the same way you can use edit title in movies, i want the seasons within XBMC to display as something other than season 1, season 2 etc.

I have the actual folders named as 01 Australia, 02 Malaysia etc but xbmc still displays them as season 1, season 2 etc.
I'd like to do this as well....
I think if you want it as a TV show its going to show at least 1 season.

Are there several races within each of those folders?
"01 - Australia race 1"
"01 - Australia race 2"
"01 - Australia race 3"

My suggestion is, If you want it to be a TV show. Call them all season 1 and give them a custom NFO with the correct titles. But it will still be prefixed with 1x01 1x02 1x03
Formula 1 Racing
1x01 "01 - Australia Race 1"
1x02 "01 - Australia Race 2"
1x03 "01 - Australia Race 3"
1x04 "02 - Malaysia Race 1"
1x05 "02 - Malaysia Race 2"
1x06 "02 - Malaysia Race 3"
I thought formula one was one "season" (in tv terms) per year's competition (which in formula 1 is a season, like a sporting season)
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Yea, giving them all the same season number will drop them all in the same folder/library. So if you have 150 races, now you have to scroll through 150 races. If you have 150 races spread across 20 seasons, and each season is in a different location, then custom season naming would allow you to have:
Malaysia (1992)
Malaysia (1995)

or even include the year after all of the countries if you like.

Imagine football for a moment. If you have all the playoff games for the past 10 years. You would want them in a structure like:

it holds true for any sport. Sports are generally divied up by either location or year (or both). Not season number. When I am watching wrestling ppv's, I don't want to have to guess that season number is 1992. Currently I do though. Simply being able to rename the season (whether through the menu, a season.nfo file, or even an addition of season naming tags to the tvshow.nfo file) would solve this.
Custom NFO for each country (or whatever)
Doing it this way will result in a separate TV show for each country with the seasons under it.

Formula 1 Australia
              Season 1
               Season 2
                Season 3

Formula 1 Malaysia
              Season 1
               Season 2
                Season 3

Listing will look like

Earth 2
Formula 1 Australia
Formula 1 Malaysia

Grim Tales

The episodes can also have the year and other details in the information (plot)
Interesting suggestion.... I'll look into this.... this would treat each tv show like a season I think.... which would also address my issues of wanting a poster/fanart customized for each "episode"....

However I'll have to see how it looks when listed out. Thanks for the idea though.
Ok, there was 2 problems with this.

The original issue, about renaming season's still exists. This fixes what i want to name seasons by basically making each season a tv show. But now each race is being called a season.

Or in the case of the wrestling PPV's, I used to have this:

WWE PPV's (tv show)
Season01 (would like this to be year)
PPVS #1-12, each named according to what they are

Now I have

WWE 2012
Season 01
Royal Rumble
Season 02
No Way Out
Season 03

So now, I can't see the names of the event without dropping into each season's folder. I also have to clcik twice to launch anything. If I want to watch the royal tumble for 2011, I navigate to the 2011 folder, then season 1, and then royal rumble.

I tried flattening season's to see if that would help (which really isn't an option, as i don't want all my regular tv's flattened), but doing this killed off each "seasons" art. After downloading over 300 posters and backdrops for each event, I'm not real keen on that.

This naming structure would work great if:

either A: Aeon Nox/XBMC would see there is only one episode in a season, and therefore adopt the name of the episode as the season
b: just let me rename my seasons, or define them in a season.nfo file.
Your season doesnt have to start with "01". If im not mistake, you can easily just name them as:
Season 2011
SE2011E01 Royal Rumble
SE2011E02 No Way Out
SE2011E03 Wrestlemania
Season 2012
SE2012E01 Royal Rumble
SE2012E02 No Way Out
SE2012E03 Wrestlemania
Season 2013
SE2013E01 Royal Rumble
SE2013E02 No Way Out
SE2013E03 Wrestlemania

Same concept for your F1 Races as well
That is basically how I have been doing it. The problem is multifold:

1 - I can't use posters or fanart for episodes. So I like the idea of treating each show as a season, because then each "season" (episode) has it's own poster and fan art.

2 - It may sound pedantic, but I simply don't like the look of "Season 2011". it is definitely a better solution that just having "Season 05", but given the choice, I'd still rather have a custom season name.

FishOil's suggestion actually is really clever in that it sllows me to use posters and fanart for episodes. The two problems are, I lose my episode names and even if i somehow got my episode names, I have to click the "season" (episode name), and then select it a second time (as it then lists the episode).

I tried renaming my season's things like:
WWE 2011
01 Royal Rumble
02 Elimination Chamber
03 Wrestlemania

But this just converts them to "Season 01", "Season 02", and 'Season 03".

My dream scenario would be to:
Custom name seasons
Have folder/poster and fanart on each episode

So treating episodes like seasons actually solves some of that.... but it also introduces a few more problems - most specifically, my ppv's start getting called silly things like Season 01 and Season 02.
Would make for an interesting feature request. I wonder if it's something a skin could hack into for the time being.
Mainstream TV are also moving into the named seasons thing. American Horror Story season 2 is called Asylum. Would be nice if we could have custom names for seasons.
Maybe a season specific nfo.
Spartacus also has custom season names. I'd like a solution for this one as well.

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