[Eden] Subtitles stop appearing near the end of a movie
I've been experiencing the strangest subtitles issue since around Eden alpha was released. On a rare occasion, the last couple of subtitles (sometimes only the last line, sometimes three or four last lines) for a movie are not displayed by XBMC. I'm using UTF-8 SRT subtitles (with BOM). Everything was working fine in earlier releases. I've checked the subtitles, they are not messed up - in fact, after you rewind the movie (even without stopping it first!) and watch the part with previously missing subtitles again, they are displayed correctly. This always happens near the end of the movie, never at the beginning or in the middle. Today it happened for like a fourth or fifth time for me (using Eden final running on Linux), which is what pushed me to write this post.

Collecting debugs is virtually impossible here - I'd have to enable debugging for every movie I watch and wait for 90 minutes or more, hoping for the issue to reoccur (there are no messages regarding subtitles in the logs without turning debugging on). That is why I'd like to ask fellow users if they have stumbled upon a similar issue and to ask the devs if something comes to their minds as for where such an issue could be sourced. Anyone?
try using this -> http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Adv...oglevel.3E

it will spew Debug Log info into a log without having the Debug Log OSD

<loglevel hide="false">2</loglevel>
Thanks a bunch, I'll give it a shot - it might shed some light on the mystery... I'll report back when I experience the issue again (hopefully with some logs at hand), but until then, my original question still stands Wink
Okay, it happened again - this time watching a TV show. The last 4 subtitles were missing. Unfortunately, I didn't notice any log messages related to the issue, yet I've paste2'd the whole log anyway:


So, I have a nasty issue which doesn't show up in the logs and is virtually impossible to reproduce in a reasonable time frame while having no clue as to what might cause it. Any ideas? If you have any clue which commit or set of commits could have triggered this bug, I'll be happy to revert to some older XBMC revision but I'm not up for e.g. trying out XBMCbuntu or XBMC for Windows to track down an issue that surfaces once every two weeks or so...

For the record, I'm using XBMC on Gentoo. It was compiled with --disable-external-libraries. Of course I have updated some other system libraries in the meantime but I'm not able to exactly pinpoint the moment this issue arose so that doesn't change anything.
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[Eden] Subtitles stop appearing near the end of a movie00
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