Can music Party Mode respect "Queue songs on selection" setting?
Seems like a bug to me, but it's possible that this is intended behavior under Party Mode; either way it would be great if someone could take a look at it.

When playing music in Party Mode, browsing then clicking on a song interrupts the currently playing selection and starts the song in question immediately, regardless of the status of "Queue songs on selection". Shouldn't this action result in the new song being added to the top of the queue for play after the current selection finishes? Selecting then hitting "q" (or the equivalent mapped button) works how I would expect it to.
Bump, I still think it should work as described above.

To put it a slightly different way: while in Party Mode, if "Queue songs on selection" option is ticked, clicking on a song should in my mind do exactly the same thing as highlighting and hitting "q".

Use case: listening to random music and getting a desire to hear a certain song without interrupting the flow. Even more so, listening to random music with friends (a "party" even) and wanting to let guests browse and queue up songs without having to teach them about context menus or what button is mapped to "q".

Sorry if the thread bump is in poor form, but I believe this is still relevant and maybe someone will notice this time Wink
Is it bad form to bump this?

Because I have same problem? Did you ever resolve it?

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Can music Party Mode respect "Queue songs on selection" setting?0
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