Tvheadend addon and sudden buffering
Hi all

I have an XBMC/TVheadend setup working almost flawlessly with my IPTV based channels and EPG through a grabber. Everything is sweet. I can record serveral channels at once while watching another channel. Sweet.

However .. I have one issue that bothers me :-)... I think it has to do with the xbmc/tvheadend addon side of things - and not the tvheadend server. But I am not sure.

When watching live TV (and doing nothing else. No background recording or anything) the live stream will start buffering while displaying the picture in kind of slow motion. I occurs after aprox. 30 mins while watching the same channel.
The only thing I have to do is stop the live tv and start it again immediately afterwards.

The thing that lead me to think that it might be the client side is that I have had VLC on my laptop hooket to a direct stream from the tvheadend server - and it can run for hours without any hickups.

I have tried enabling debug mode on XBMC - but I get nothing in the log when the buffering occurs. And - I am not sure where to look on the tvheadend server side of things.

I am running frodo beta 1 with the stock tvheadend addon. On the server side, I am running build: 3.1.694 from SynoCommunity. They state that the version is: 3.2~git20121012-1

I'm new to the forum and I have been looking on how to setup XBMC on my Pi with TvHeadend, and from your post I can see you are a step ahead of me. Specifically I am running the latest Raspbmc distribution which already has a pre-installed TvHeadend server, plus the client addon. I want to set it up so as to view some IPTV, but I cannot seem to get it working. I can add channels to the backend via a browser, and I can see the channels in my XMBC, but nothing will play. Could you please share how you set it up so that IPTV works for you? Also, could you share some working free channels that I could use to test the setup?
can you play the channels in e.g. VLC?

There is a well known problem using the tvheadend pvr addon on Raspberry Pi. There are several threads, unfortunately without a solution yet.

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Tvheadend addon and sudden buffering0
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