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Any firewall?

Also, make sure that you have the shares set for recording folders and timeshift folders
I do use Windows Firewall, but I created a little BAT file using the commands from the Firewall Settings Wiki (to reduce finger typos) and all commands completed with the OK message.

Now, I seem to have a new problem.

Notice in the image below that all of my TV cards pulled up this morning saying their Type was Unknown. If I tried to scan a channel using Manual Control or Test Channels, I got that No Card error.


So, in my infinite wisdom, I simply removed the 4 cards with the intention of adding them again later.

Now, TV Server Config will not even start - I'm guessing because there are no cards available.

I uninstalled MediaPortal, did a reboot of my PC, then reinstalled MediaPortal.

TV Server Config still refuses to start.

How do I get the cards added back into TV Server?
When you uninstalled, did you remove the database too?

You can use MS SQL Management Studio / MYSQL workbench to make sure the database is gone (obviously you would lose any configuration you have done)

Then when you re-install it should be a 'fresh' install so add the cards etc automatically.
I did a second complete uninstall, this time deleting info in the ProgramData folder and anything in the user Roaming or Local folders.

The reinstall worked this time, but I'm still having a number of issues with XBMC:
  • Viewing EPG: Timeline will consistantly crash XBMC (cause Win7 to report that it isn't responding)


  • No obvious way to STOP an active Live TV recording from the GUI

  • No obvious way to DELETE a previous Live TV recording from the GUI or tell what that Recording IS about.


  • My HDMI output would only pass any audio if I selected Analog as my "Audio output" option:


  • No volume control with Live TV when the Analog option is selected. The only way to adjust the volume is using the Volume bar in the "Audio - Settings" section in the above screenshot.

  • I've tried installing a few skins to get more/better controls. They will work for a few hours, but then the system goes back to the Default "Confluence" because it tells me "Dependencies were not met" - even though everything seemed to be working fine! "Confluence" even gives me that same error message from time to time, but it goes away - I guess because it is the default and there is nothing else to fall back on.

So, these are some big issues. I've spent most of the last 3 days trying to get XBMC 12 "Frodo" to work, with only incomplete success.

My family returns today, so I will not have uninterrupted time to sit here in front of the family TV. I'm a little frustrated that I (a software developer) have not been able to get XBMC configured and working in that time frame.

Therefore, I will most likely be abandoning XBMC and going back to Windows Media Center, which is able to do all of those things listed above (it even pulls basic EPG and shows a progress indicator for the Volume control).

XBMC is looking very good, and a lot of stuff works so much better than Windows Media Center, which Microsoft is convinced is done and needs no more of their time. But, XBMC is not there yet.

Maybe the next version....

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