"Library from here" on a folder (custom playlist)
Hello all,

Second suggestion for the evening:

I would like to be able to navigate to a folder in the FILES view which is part of my library and then "view library from here"
What I mean is to simply hit C (for the context / right click menu) and choose "library from here", the result I like to imagine is to see the traditional Movie library view as one would expect, except the ONLY items in the current view are in the path which I executed this on (and all subsequent subfolders) example picture below

This exact same thing can already be achieved by using a smart playlist and setting a custom path as part of the criteria, however this is simply for the sake of convienience.
Example of how to manually do it here:

Thanks for your time guys, I know it's a pretty small thing but it's the little things which count.
Appreciate it.
All the library views are available from files view. If said files are in the library then you can see them with thumbnails, summaries, etc, but within the folder structure. Just change the view type from the sidebar menu.
Hi Ned,

I just attempted to do that but it's not the same view as what the custom path playlist would achieve unfortunately. I do appreciate the suggestion but look at the 3 images I've attached, it just doesn't work well with folders or give the full control of a generated custom playlist of the data, allowing me to sort / navigate by rating / year / name etc. I think my suggestion is a better solution, thoughts?

Turn on "flatten" in the sidebar menu.
Finally had a chance to try this, totally doesn't do what I'm asking for.
Stacking is what you want, assuming your stuff is in folders, though there it should still show the art and info at the folder level anyway - the stacking just replaces the item with the file item inside.

There'll likely be something different between the ones that show only a folder icon and the ones that don't (e.g. VIDEO_TS folders vs normal folders).
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Oops, sorry on mixing up flatten and stacking.
Guys look, I'm sorry to bust your chops - I know I'm not contributing but that doesn't work.
See: http://imgur.com/a/pAh6b

Either I'm doing something wrong or you're misunderstanding what I'm after.
Right click (context) menu for lack of a better word, auto creating a custom playlist which just does a "THIS PATH ONLY" exclusion then opens it AND furthermore opens it in your traditional movie library view mode (Big Picture 2, sorted by X) for example - It's very nice, just awkward to manually whip up the custom playlist.

Does this make sense?
If I open a specific sub-folder of movies that have been scanned into my library, but I'm in file view, I'm able to pull up all the library views, with art and summaries and all that, for that specific folder, so long as those movies aren't in additional sub-folders (they can be in folders for the movies themselves, but not in another folder on top of that). It looks the same as if I made a smart playlist that filtered by the file path for that folder.
Perhaps mine are multi-folder deep. Regardless the behaviour is not the same as the 'library from here' concept which seems not too difficult to impliment.
Perhaps? You don't know?
Ok yes, they are multi deep I just checked - ultimately I'm not getting the far better looking system
Any further thoughts?

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