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DSPlayer (DirectShow Player for XBMC) Frodo build available

the branch "master" from eduard's repo that automatically merge with the official master i think that it's just a copy, because there is not trace of dsplayer into it

instead in the branch "dsplayer" the merging is stop to alpha3 as you can see here http://git.avmedia.su/git/?p=xbmc.git;a=...s/dsplayer

VALUE "CompanyName", "Team XBMC"
            VALUE "FileDescription", "XBMC"
            VALUE "FileVersion", "13.0-ALPHA3"
            VALUE "InternalName", "XBMC.exe"
            VALUE "LegalCopyright", "Copyright (c) Team XBMC.  All rights reserved."
            VALUE "OriginalFilename", "XBMC.exe"
            VALUE "ProductName", "XBMC for Windows"
            VALUE "ProductVersion", "13.0-ALPHA3"

i don't know if this code work or not, anyway i was trying to update this source to gotham alpha4 to procede step by step Smile

but there is alot of differences because this commit

"settings: integrate new settings system into GUI"

with this new system of GUI i missing totally the way to procede, because i don't know how work the entire integration of dsplayer

I should to study everything from the beginning

too much for me Smile
hello guys

I tried and tried to apply DSPlayer into source of Gotham Beta1

and finally I've done it

certainly not everything worked, because eduard has added a lot of things and the menu in the version of DSPlayer and have not yet managed to make it all work

But compile everything without errors is a first step

in menu systeminfo appears as build 12.2 git etc etc, I do not know how work the git's variables etc etc, but I assure you that the dsplayer was added on the source of gotham beta1

you just have to set in the folder userdata/DSPlayer the filters as usual

I repeat, is only a first step ... then maybe eduard can came back to help us to complete everything

for now i've place the "exe only" build of gotham beta1 with dsplayer ...

in the meantime i do a cleaning of my source and i try to figure out how to use github

Great job aracnoz! Big Grin
For troubleshooting and bug reporting please make sure you read this first.
@aracnoz, the exe linked won't open - error message "python27.dll" missing from your computer.

you must first install xbmc-13.0-Gotham_beta1.exe
and then replace the exe file in the folder


for everybody

do not expect that everything works perfectly

is a small first step

there is no main menu of DSPlayer yet

to launch a file with DSPlayer you have to do

play using ... DSPlayer
Ah I get now aracnoz - thanks for that. Good first step though.
ok i think i've done with github

source: https://github.com/aracnoz/xbmc/tree/Got...1_dsplayer

win32build: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ofxf13...xeonly.rar

Unfortunately I do not have much time to work as I want, but I think it's a pretty big first step

I would like to provide suggestions if anyone would like to continue the work

the things that needed to be fixed starting from the integration of DSPlayer in this file "GUIWindowSettingsCategory"

now in gotham is totally different so you have to study this a little

then there is the method GUIWindowsVideoBase::MarkWatched That has moved to GUIDialogVideoInfo :: markwatched

something to fix in stdstring.h and GUIDialogPlayerControls

and then who knows...

my priority was to compile without error to start the project


I figured out how to work the new method of gui "GUIWindowSettingsCategory"

so I added the DSPlayer's menu

i've updated the link to the exe build, in the archive there are files that are necessary to see the menu... so they must be replaced

the directshow's filters seem to be loaded correctly in the xbmc.log

but the videoplayback stutter

i think that i need a hand for this :\

Will this mean that tiben20 could work on MadVR integration basing his work on Gotham, instead of Frodo?
For troubleshooting and bug reporting please make sure you read this first.
(2014-03-10, 19:34)aracnoz Wrote: but the videoplayback stutter

i think that i need a hand for this :\
Im looking into it, im kinda stock with madvr right now so maybe doing something else will help me

maybe when the integration of dsplayer is more stable Smile

...some update

this is latest build: http://www.mediafire.com/download/s8jqxu...xeonly.rar

I finished adding all the code from the eduard's repo in gotham_beta1

there are the lists of dsplayer's filter in the menu of the playercontrol
and the render stats

the problem with the stutter it's still there... maybe something it's changed in the way that cdvdplayer (cdsplayer in our case) send information to initializate the playback
because in the stats the information are all there, but the real fps is stuck on 8fps

but when you put the video in background, the stuttering goes away but there's still something wrong in the playback stats

seem that with video in background the playback use the framerate that use the interface

so then goes more smoothly, but I do not think he uses the right framerate of the video

anyway here some screenshots

gotham dsplayer in fullscreen

gotham dsplayer with video in background

frodo dsplayer in fullscreen

things todo for now

- resolve video stuttering Smile
- send label information to osd

and fix something in dsplayer table creation


thanks for help Smile
ok guys

stuttering problem it's fixed thx to @tiben20

in 5 min he has found e solve the problem, shame on me Smile

there is some small fixes to do in the stats report but the platback now it's smooth

the build: http://www.mediafire.com/download/frhp94...xeonly.rar


he is lying took me at least 30 min to figure it out
Nice works! Really appreciates all efforts put in DSPlayer recently.

@aracnoz seem like subtitles aren't working in DSPlayer for Gotham both internal and external.
My humble suggestion is not to fragment the project and create a single public repo on Github so that everyone could have access to the code and work with it in a single place.

E.g. I'm not a developer but I create and use custom builds with English/Cyrillic on-screen keyboard.
Good job guys Big Grin

As well as the subs, pressing i in play mode is not show movie info etc.

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