Anyway to Install on Android?
I'm trying to install the latest version of XBMC 12 Frodo on an android 4 mini pc, downloaded the apk file, copied onto my SD card and clicked it like the directions said but it won't install. It starts out looking like it's installing but after a while the display changes from "Installing..." to "X Application not installed"! Does anyone know how to actually make this work? Thanks.
You may have another version of XBMC (from other sources) on your system. So just uninstall that version before trying to install again.
(2013-02-22, 11:28)-Riffer- Wrote: You may have another version of XBMC (from other sources) on your system. So just uninstall that version before trying to install again.

Impossible since it was never available before and it doesn't install. Besides I just reset the device and cleared everything to factory default settings.
So, nobody know how to install this? I'm not surprised that it doesn't work since they can't even figure out how to get it in the Play store!
OK, I got it to install. It wouldn't work while the device was overclocked so I had to reduce the speed to the stock setting before it would install. Playback of HD movies is really jerky though and it doesn't work well unless you are playing something that's only in SD. It's not just movies either, this app stutters when playing music with one of the music add-ons too! This app sucks, I wouldn't recommend it! Stick with the supplied player that came with the device like Super HD Player or ones in the Android store like MXPlayer or Vplayer.

XBMC runs smoothly on almost everything it goes on,

you just have a bad device,
(2013-02-22, 18:34)Atomic Zombie Wrote: Nope,

XBMC runs smoothly on almost everything it goes on,

you just have a bad device,
Not true, check the thread "Nexus 10 stuttering during playback!" Others are having trouble with it too. The version for the Raspberry Pi reportedly doesn't work very well either.
Tell us which device you have?
The Android version of XBMC isn't finished, and I have 2 Raspi's and they both run smooth. But i'm not getting into a pissing contest, you've already made up your mind.
*MOD EDIT* no navi-x discussion
Okay, so I don't know what that guys network is like or what the hell he has done to his Pi, but i've had mine for just over a week now and have had nothing but flawless playback of movies, TV and music. Better than my PS3 actually.

He moans about not being able to play 700MB-1GB files over his local networkHuh I've played a 10Gb+ 3D Bluray rip with about 5-10 seconds of buffering at the very start, then nothing more but 3D glory throughout, streamed from a wireless Windows 7 PC. No "powerful server" here. The only thing I have done is turned the overclock settings in the RaspBMC config program to "Fast", and have it running from a USB3 memory stick rather than the SD card (though this is mainly for cache reasons and doesn't affect playback i believe). Again, nothing special.

His probably doesn't work because of one of three things;

1. He's messed with his settings somewhere either on the Pi or over his network
2. He has the 250MB version of the Pi, not the 500MB
3. He has a duff Pi

But for some strange reason, the one they're using in the 'studio' seems to work pretty good doesn't it?

Anyway, you obviously don't have one and haven't experienced one first hand and I can understand you being a bit dubious because of this. Put simply, if you haven't tried it yourself, don't slam it. You refer to one video of someones 'not working right', but there are TONS of videos of peoples Pi setups that work excellently. Check out and skip ahead to 6:00 if you just want to see the streaming side of things. He has done pretty much the same as me and i'm guessing many other happy Pi users.

Back to the topic at hand, I also have trouble installing XBMC to my android tablet and phone. XBMC shuts down while performing the initial setup on both devices (Cheapo dual core 7" tablet and HTC One X).

Not that bothered though...I have a Pi Big Grin
(2013-02-26, 02:04)Robtroll Wrote: streamed from a wireless Windows 7 PC. i Big Grin

wireless, no less Wink
(2013-02-26, 05:23)wes paich Wrote: wireless, no less Wink


I do have them Homeplug things, just haven't set it up yet.
For all the previous comments (some one which may be deleted by modh because of rules) about gripes of using external players with XBMC, well they're here... you either just have to check the latest nightly releases, or the community builds.
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