Win MySQL Shared database setting up problem
I'm trying to setup a MySQL database following this guide

It's probably complicated by the fact that I already have Mediaportal installed on this PC using MySQL but it shouldn't be too hard to workaround.

According to the guide, doing CREATE USER 'xbmc' IDENTIFIED BY 'xbmc'; creates the login/password pair xbmc/xbmc so the password "MediaPortal" I have to use when opening MySQL commandline must be a master password that's not important for what I'm trying to do here.

Anyway, I've created an advancedsettings.xml like so:


and I also had to add bind= to my.ini as mysql wasn't showing as listening in Comodo firewall before.

However, both before and after changing the bind=,
SELECT host,user from mysql.user;


| host | user |
| % | root |
| % | xbmc |
| | root |
| localhost | |
| localhost | root |
5 rows in set (0.01 sec)

| Database |
| information_schema |
| argustv |
| mptvdb |
| mysql |
| test |
| xbmc_music |
| xbmc_video |
7 rows in set (0.02 sec)

so it looks like only root (the Mediaportal user) has access on and localhost, whilst xbmc is only listed against % (whatever that signifies). Sure enough, I'm unable to scan content to the Library in XBMC with the advancedsettings.xml (without it, the normal XBMC database works fine).
I have a similar setup to you (works a treat!), though I happened to install the other way around...

Two things:
Why don't you just let XBMC log in using the already-defined MediaPortal credentials? According to, you'd just specify 'user' and 'pass' in the XBMC AdvancedSettings XML as 'root' and 'MediaPortal' respectively...

The other thing, if you're using Frodo, I don't think you need to have the '<name>' tag in AdvancedSettings either (mine works well without it)...

Try and revert if you have any luck?
Well I could try that I guess, it just seems "cleaner" to keep the two users separate.

Regarding the <name> tags, I presume it still needs the xbmc_video and xbmc_music databases setup as per the guide but you're suggesting that Frodo defaults to use those without them being specified? says "Not needed by default, and some users report issues when defining the this tag. When not used "MyVideos"+DB number will be used." but that's clearly not aimed at mysql databases and the mysql example underneath specifies the name.
I tried changing the user/pass and that didn't work but then I removed the name tags and it's working now. I'm just not sure what database it's using!
Pleasure, man.

It'll auto-create a new database on your MySQL instance, entitled MyVideos<NN>

Frodo uses a figure in the 70's for <NN>.
Thanks. So it seems the guide is wrong when it tells us to create the two databases. It is dated 2010 though so not surprising it's a bit out of date!
Use this: MySQL (wiki)
Thanks. Even that doesn't explain how to create the user password, so does it just create the password the same as the username (i.e. xbmc/xbmc) or does it have to use the same password that was chosen when installing for all users that are subsequently created?
I understand now the IDENTIFIED BY in the CREATE USER command is what sets the password, so I have xbmc/xbmc but I can still only access the database if I use root/Mediaportal. In fact, the video database stopped working after trying xbmc/xbmc, even after changing it back to root/Mediaportal but it's working again now thankfully.

I needed to start again anyway as I'd originally done it using local paths E:\Media\Movies which mean nothing on the RPi and so it told me all my movies were no longer available, so now I'm scraping using my NFS path NFS://
Somehow the MediaPortal part of the database has got messed up and I can't access it via the commandline with the MediaPortal password anymore, nor can I watch LiveTV or scan for channels on the PC. I guess I'll need to start from scratch with a fresh database once I find out how to do that. I'm definitely not using root/Mediaportal to login to it with Mediaportal next time!

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