Req make "recently added movie" hide watched items by default
Ran into this, tried to adjust by using a smart playlist, didn't succeed, thought should be changed by default. Why would anybody want to have watched items displayed so prominently? It's not very useful. Showing unwatched items which where just recently added would be a great feature though.

Here's what I did for my workaround (which didn't work):

Saved that as recentlyaddedmovies.xml
add that file to Macintosh HD/User/myname/Library/Application Support/XBMC/userdata/playlists/video

that seemed to have no effect so I

replaced the existing "recentlyaddedmovies.xml" files in
Macintosh HD/Programs/XBMC/Contents/Resources/XBMC/system/library/video and
Macintosh HD/Programs/XBMC/Contents/Resources/XBMC/system/library/video_flat

The result is interesting: the menu item now displays the playlist just as I want it: recently added and unwatched (why would I want watched movies at that place? imo the default should be changed?): >

But at the top I still see movies that are watched (tron in this case):

If any dev runs accross this:

1) How can I change the top as well?
2) Could the default be changed to only display unwatched? I think that makes so much more sense.
it's recently added. not new unwatched shit. you want new unwatched shit you make yourself an xsp or custom library node.
The stuff you see on the top is not supplied from xbmc core, but from a widget (a special kind of addon that the skin uses)...

I feel it might be a good addon idea to make a "Generic" xbmc widget that just displays the first items from a smart playlist, that the user can set.... that way users could display pretty much anything on the home screen (not sure if possible though)
@spiff: I don't agree. I honestly think this will be the default in the future.

@Fice: I think that would be a great feature.
I also ran into this issue, and after about an hour came up with a solution. Now, after movies or episodes are watched, they no longer show up in the home screen thumbnail list and are replaced with the next ones in line.

The solution involves changing what is displayed in the "IncludesHomeRecentlyAdded.xml" file. You need to replace the "LatestMovie" references with the corresponding "RecentMovie" ones, which are Skin Widgets. Here are the steps I took:

(1) Make sure Skin Widgets are installed. Follow these instructions:

(2) Then in xbmc go to the Skin Widgets "Configure->Recent Items" tab, and make sure all three items are checked (the first two should be checked by default, and the third item, "Update each time you enter the home screen", will refresh the list when you return to the home screen after watching a file).

(3) Make a backup of your "IncludesHomeRecentlyAdded.xml" file

(4) Open the original "IncludesHomeRecentlyAdded.xml" file (that xbmc will load), and replace the following lines. (I only did movies and episodes):

Here is what you change for Movies. This is for the first item -- you need to change all 10 from "LatestMovie.1" to "LatestMovie.10":


change to:


And here is what you change for episodes (again, change all 10 of them):

    <label2>$INFO[Window.Property(LatestEpisode.1.ShowTitle)] - $INFO[Window.Property(LatestEpisode.1.EpisodeNo)]</label2>

change to:

    <label2>$INFO[Window.Property(RecentEpisode.1.TVshowTitle)] - $INFO[Window.Property(RecentEpisode.1.EpisodeNo)]</label2>

After this, it should work as desired. At least it does on my xbmc! (running 12.2)
I'd love to hear a developer give his stance on this. Imo this would be most useful to every XBMC user. Who wants already played shows at such a prominent place? You add new movies (most likely not watched) you watch them -> they disappear. Sounds like a sane workflow to me.

(2013-08-15, 23:32)Syncopation Wrote: I'd love to hear a developer give his stance on this. Imo this would be most useful to every XBMC user. Who want already played shows at such a prominent place? You add new movies (most likely not watched) you watch them -> they disappear. Sounds like a sane workflow to me.


I agree. I think the solution would be to make the widget or whatever that Confluence uses to follow the same logic as the recently added node, and then maybe a discussion about which should be default, but both excluding/including watched would then be configurable.
thanks for this code,
i was looking for this a long time and it works like a charm.
i also think this feature should be a default.
Any chance this code could make it into the nightly build? I'd love to test this feature.
+1 This would be a nice addition to Gotham.
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+1 for this feature.

This was my idea too. So i was collecting some informations before finding this thread.
Here they are:

Confluence skin: Home -> RecentlyAdded movies:
- [1]
- [2] \skin.confluence\720p\IncludesHomeRecentlyAdded.xml (line 139)

We need new InfoLabel to show only "unwatched" recently added movies (see [1]). Something like "LatestMovie.[1-10].xxx" but only unwatched. Maybe: "LatestUnWatchedMovie.[1-10].xxx"
See [2] for the using of this InfoLabel.
I am pretty sure conq works like that, at least for TV Shows.
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For a single user setup this works great but if there are several user viewing stuff independently (and yes using the same account which is quite common) then having this as a default option would not be as good. it should at least be a setting to toggle this ON (it's OFF as default).

Also it would change the purpose of "Recently added" to "New and unwatched".
Solution in this PR:
Platforms: Windows 10 - OS X - iOS - OSMC (Vero 4K)
(2014-11-17, 22:32)tripkip Wrote: Solution in this PR:

It's sad to see that closed so fast. As long as people feel "ownership" over certain parts of the software then then new ideas will continue to be needlessly shot down, at least for the wrong reasons.

Taking advantage of an add-on if installed, but not requiring it, is exactly the direction we want people to go in when it comes to extra skin features.

This is also part of the reason it's hard to find new developers.

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