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Release Video Explorer Critical Bug Fixes
There is natural sorting for file size already. Right click the column headers on the main grid and Choose Columns.

There is a 2nd file size column that has a raw integer value for file size in bytes.

Sort by that column.
Thank you for your help.
Haven't seen the column
v3.0.0.38 - 21/06/2014

1. Updated the 3D naming conventions supported
by the 3D renamer.

Now supports SBS,HSBS,TAB,HTAB and MVC.
v3.0.0.39 - 28/06/2014

1. Added new DateCreatedUtc column to the main grid.

This means you can now see which movies are newer
on the grid. You can also sort by that column and
it will sort in correct date/time order.

2. Added fallback code for edge case where an
attempt to load a cover image fails internally
because the encoding format is not supported
by the machine running VideoExplorer.
VideoExplorer now has its own website:

v3.0.0.40 - 29/06/2014

1. Changed Image Height and Width calcs to handle
corrupt dimension data and optimised calcs
to reduce redundant string to Int32 conversions.
v3.0.0.41 - 12/07/2014

1. Added a new "Copy" option to the right click menu
on the main grid.

This allows copying of videos directly from
VideoExplorer to anywhere you like and the copy can
be done by VideoExplorer using a built in binary
copy system or you can offload the copy to TeraCopy
if you have that installed.

2. Added a "Manage System Settings" option to the
Settings sub-menu on the main menu at the top.

This will take you to a new Settings Manager screen
where you can set the location of both the MKVMerge
executable and the TeraCopy executable, assuming
you have them installed and want VideoExplorer to use
them for Remuxing and Copying.

In the future this screen will be extended to allow
full customisation of supported artwork file naming
conventions and other things.

3. Updated Remux code to improve Cancellation logic
and hopefully resolve an edge case condition where
users are encountering a File Not Found exception
error directly after doing a Remux.

4. Update error handling in Movie Loading code to
hopefully stop object reference exceptions and
improve the way load exceptions are trapped and
CDN caching issues

I'm having some issues with the CDN I'm using and future releases of VideoExplorer will retrieve the update manifest differently to work around CDN caching issues.

To get v3.0.0.41 right now, download the installer directly and install over the top of your existing version.

Direct download: http://cdn.code4effect.com/download/Vide..._Setup.exe
Update warning.

I am aware of the warning that comes up in red if you update to at the moment using the auto updater.

You can just accept it and install it, there is nothing wrong with it.

This is another side effect of the caching issues I'm having with the CDN I'm using. The signature and installer don't currently match.

The installer is good, you can go-ahead and accept it.
v3.0.0.42 - 13/07/2014

1. Maintenance release

Updated the auto updater to retrieve the update manifest from a non CDN location.

This should resolve all auto update issues.

Automatic and manual update checks should now work and all clients should now find updates immediately after I release them again.

Updating issues are now RESOLVED.
v3.0.0.44 - 20/07/2014

1. Fixed bug where the last state and position of the
MetadataTabs splitter control was not being saved

2. Dynamic Zoom added to CoverFlow view

(As requested by Greg Cress)

The splitter control that was positioned above the
CoverFlow control is now below it and you can
now dynamically resize the CoverFlow control with
that splitter and the CoverFlow control will zoom
in and out accordingly.

3. Check for missing posters on reload

When you reload a previously loaded movie that has
already been cached, VE will now automatically
look for a valid poster image if the cache is
pointing at the standard placeholder image for
that movie because a poster couldn't be found

4. Google Analytics has been integrated but requires the
user to Opt In.

This is purely for analysis of feature use and
performance and is completely anonymous.
v3.0.0.45 - 27/07/2014

1. Fixed small visual bug where column headers on the
main grid were being partially obscured by the
splitter that is now below the grid.

2. VideoExplorer will no longer try to refresh movie
information after a remux if the movie file no
longer exists.

In addition, VideoExplorer will ask the user if
they want to refresh the movie list immediately
if it cannot find the selected movie anymore after
control is returned from the remux form.

3. VideoExplorer will no longer throw a path not found
exception error when attempting to load artwork or
extra artwork and discovering that the file path
of the currently selected movie no longer exists.
v3.0.0.46 - 02/08/2014

1. Fixed ArgumentNullException error in DrawThumbGrip
method of the grid control that would occur on
rare occasions when attempting to scroll using
the scrollbars on the grids.

2. Reload Metadata option on the context menu for the
main grid has been changed to Refresh Movie Information
and will now selecting that option will now do
a full MediaInfo refresh and metadata reload for the
currently selected movie, update the object
cache for that movie, and then refresh whichever
metadata tab is currently visible at the bottom as
well as the currently selected row on the grid.
v3.0.0.47 - 10/08/2014

1. Column Header menu has been disabled on the file
type filter grid at top right of the screen.

2. Added a "Add to Favourites" button next to the
main search edit box at the top.

Clicking that button will now add up to 10
favourite paths to a drop down list that you
can now activate on the edit box.

3. Added ability to clear the new Favourite Paths
list in the Settings Manager screen.

4. Improved error handling around attempts to
interrogate invalid media which can cause
NULL reference exceptions in the MediaInfo
wrapper. Previously this was not being
caught and handled gracefully, but now it
should be. The error should now be logged
and VE will skip over media that causes this
during a load.

5. Added the abililty to edit Artwork file name
and suffix lists in the Settings Manager so
that it is now possible to configure VE
to recogise any naming convention for all of
the types of artwork that VE supports.
It's been a long break, but I'm finally back with a new version that has been through several revisions offline and seen some powerful new features added.

Get it here: VideoExplorer

An enormous amount of new features have been added since the last public release and massive core optimisations and UI cleanup and enhancement has taken place.

A full list of all the new things is in the release notes below.

Release notes since last public release:

v3.0.0.59 - 11/04/2015

1. Text Search Keypress Delay editor now increments and decrements by 500ms when clicking the
arrows, not 1ms.

2. Various small code optimisations and some refactoring to reduce cyclomatic complexity of some

v3.0.0.58 - 06/04/2015

1. Changed mouse cursor back to a standard Arrow cursor when the mouse is over the Root Folder
edit box.

2. Fixed serious bug in the drag n drop handler where NULL reference exceptions were being thrown
if you dropped a file or folder that effectively had no parent folder because it was located
in the root folder of a drive or network share.

The underlying cause was code that was attempting to set the Root Folder edit box for you and
that code has now been removed completely and VideoExplorer will no longer do that because
in retrospect it's unnecessary and more trouble than it's worth.

v3.0.0.57 - 05/04/2015

1. Pushing ESC will now close the About dialog like it does on all other forms.

2. The way that Favourite paths are added / removed and handled in general has been completely

If you start typing a path now the app will actually determine if that path is a favourite or
not as you type it.

Removing a path from the favourites list will no longer result in that same path being removed
from the edit box as the current text if it happens to be the current text.

3. Punctuation corrected in the Invalid Path error message.

4. Fixed a fairly serious bug in the drag n drop handler of the grid where an exception was being
thrown if you dragged in a folder and no video files were found at all.

This could happen if you had unticked the "Include Subfolders" tick box on the right before
you dropped a folder onto the grid and the folder you dropped did not contain any video files
itself, only the sub-folders it contained did.

The bug was due to incorrect handling of a CancellationToken internally and insufficient NULL

Additionally, the error dialog that appears if no video files are found has been updated to be
more explicit about the various reasons why VideoExplorer may not have found any video files.

v3.0.0.56 - 03/01/2015

1. Movie URL will now be cleared correctly when the you clear the grid.

2. When removing an item from the favourites list you will no longer be prompted for confirmation.

3. When adding an item to the favourites list any trailing directory separators are now stripped
and when checking if a path is in the favourites list any trailing directory separators are
stripped before doing the comparison to ensure a match.

4. When selecting a Root Folder by clicking the ellipses to browse for a folder the app will now
check if the selected folder exists in the favourites list already immediately after selecting
the folder.

5. The Root Video Folder edit box and Add/Remove favourites button will now disable immediately
when clicking Search and only re-enable when the search is complete.

6. Clicking the already active row will no longer result in metadata be re-loaded over and over
again for the same movie for no reason.

This stops the annoying flickering that was occuring on certain metadata tabs if you kept
single left clicking the same row over and over again.

7. Added a click-able link to the Code4Effect homepage on the About form.

v3.0.0.55 - 30/12/2014

1. Drag n Drop will now cause the Root Video Folder to be updated.

The logic works on the assumption that you can only ever multiselect a combination of files and folders
from the SAME folder in Windows Explorer and will therefore figure out the common root folder for
all Dropped files and folders and will set the Root Video Folder edit box to that value.

This ties in nicely with the enhancements to theFavourties system as explained in point 2 below
because if the parent folder of all the dropped items is in the favourites the app will immediately
recognise that fact now and will show the yellow star accordingly immediately after the drop completes.

2. Favourites feature has been improved.

The Add Favourites button is now capable of Adding and Removing favourites. If the currently selected path is in the favourites list then clicking the
button will trigger the Remove process rather than the Add.

The check to determine if the currently selected path is in the favourites list is now more accurate the check is now done every time the Root Video Folder edit box loses focus.

The image on the button will no longer revert to an empty star as soon as you start typing in the Root Video Folder edit box. It will now ONLY change
when the check is done when the edit box loses focus.

Additionally, the image on the button will change to the star with a yellow center as soon as you select a favourite from the dropdown list now.

The 10 favourties limit that previously being enforced has been removed. Currently there is no limit to how many favourites you can add.

3. Text Search has been enhanced such that holding down the Enter key will no longer cause the same query to be run over and over again eventually overloading
the application and potentially causing a crash.

The app will now only query any given Text Search Phrase once and will not run the query again until the Text Search Phrase changes.

v3.0.0.54 - 28/12/2014

1. The Text Search will now react to the enter key.

If you push Enter after typing in a search phrase the app will not wait for the set keypress delay to expire, instead it will query immediately.

2. The "Add To Favourites" button will now indicate if the currently selected Root Video Folder is already in the Favourites list by changing its icon to a star with a yellow center.

This check will happen each time you click the "Search" button.

If you start typing in the Root Video Folder text box the icon on the button will immediately revert to the normal black outlined star with no yellow center.

v3.0.0.53 - 28/12/2014

1. Text Search improved - When you start typing in the Text Search box the app will now wait between key presses to see if you are still typing and only
initiate the actual search when you stop typing.

The amount of time it waits for you to stop typing is CONFIGURABLE in the Settings Manager but defaults to 1 second.

2. The gap between Covers on the CoverFlow control is now CONFIGURABLE in the Settings Manager.

v3.0.0.52 - 27/12/2014

1. Coverflow view will now automatically re-order when the sort order on the main grid changes or items are removed from the main grid or added to the main grid.

This means that the Coverflow and the main grid will now stay in sync and the order of items on both will now always match, which makes navigation
much smoother and cleaner.

2. Added a Text Filter on the right hand side under the Search Filter.

The Text Filter will dynamically search for any movie with a Title or FileName that matches or partially matches the text that you type into the box.

The search will occur dynamically as you type.

Clear the textbox to clear the search and revert to the original list of movies you had on the grid prior to typing in the box.

If you search on something that cannot be found at all the main grid will clear and will be completely emtpy, as will the Coverflow control.

v3.0.0.51 - 02/10/2014

1. Removed the "Trigger Renamer" button from System Settings manager.

The option is available on the menus now.

2. Improved the IP address editor for the CouchPotato settings on the Settings Manager form.

LOCALHOST is now supported and no edit mask is enforced anymore. You can now type in anything and validation will only be done
when the IP address is needed or before it's about to be saved, not when you are typing.

3. Columns on the grid on the "Add movies to CouchPotato wanted list" form are no longer editable.

4. Fixed a bug related to the retrieval of CouchPotato quality profiles where disabled profiles were still being shown or enabled profiles were not being shown, depending
on the values returned from CouchPotato.

v3.0.0.50 - 28/09/2014

1. Main Menu has been completely restructured.

Naming conventions now make more sense, menu items now appear in more logical places, and certain menu items are now grouped under a
higher level menu entry to make the menu cleaner and easier to work with.

2. The right-click context menu for the main grid has been updated slightly and also been restructured
a bit.

The CouchPotato related menu options, in particular, have been grouped together and tidied up.

3. The 3D file renamer feature has been fixed.

It was not renaming the main movie file correctly.

4. The CouchPotato post processing feature for a single selected movie has been updated and enhanced.

It is now more reliable, handles ignore fail status far better, and is even able to work around file naming issues for you to some extent.

5. Added the ability to trigger default CouchPotato post processing on the default post processing folder you have set in CouchPotato.

Option available on main menu and context menu of main grid.

v3.0.0.49 - 24/09/2014

1. Enhanced the CouchPotato add to Wanted list feature.

There are now 2 menu items available for this feature, one that will automatically search for the currently selected movie name or title.

The other option allows you activate the "Add to Wanted list" dialog without any movie necessarily selected and you can now type in any movie name search over and over again and
keep adding movies to CP free form.

v3.0.0.48 - 24/09/2014

1. Added dynamic text search.

You can now type in the new Text Search box and VE will automatically find the first movie with a Title or File Name matching what you have typed, as you type, and navigate
to that movie on the grid automatically.

2. Any attempt to refresh a movie that is on the grid but has been removed from the on-disk location where VE found it, since VE loaded it, will no
longer result in an unhandled exception.

VE will now tell the user that the movie no longer exists at the location where it was originally found and therefore could not be refreshed.

3. When trying to Play a movie or trailer or trying to open the Host Folder of a movie VE will now first check if the file or folder still exists on disk and if not it will show a message telling
the user exactly why it could not perform the requested action.

4. EXPERIMENTAL: Added CouchPotato API wrapper

a. Can now trigger a CP rename for a specific movie.

b. Can now add a movie to the CP wanted list directly from VE.

CP options on main grid context menu and CPsettings in Settings Manager screen.
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