Audio/Video speed fluctuating
I'm using tvheadend 3.5.247. Since upgrading from Frodo to Gotham beta 3 and 4, I've been noticing this very annoying quirk. While watching TV, occasionally the sound will fluctuate up and down in pitch significantly, and randomly, for a few seconds at a time. Sometimes the video also appears to speed up and slow down along with the sound. Then everything goes blank for a split second, and it's all back to normal. This happens randomly between every couple seconds, to several minutes between occurances. It doesn't seem to affect any other audio/video playback, just Live TV streams. It didn't happen with Frodo. It probably wouldn't bother us so much if we weren't a family of musicians, who cringe when the music playing on a TV show goes wildly out of tune like this is doing. Like fingernails on a chalkboard! Smile Anyway, any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!
Well, I upgraded to the new Gotham RC1, and the problem is even worse. Now, the sound is constantly several seconds behind the video (but not always by the same amount, so shifting the sync doesn't work) *AND* both audio and video changes speed randomly, like before. It's completely unwatchable. I have tried every setting I can find, and nothing helps.

Please help! XBMC is our primary way to watch live TV, and we cannot watch it at all like this. This has moved from an annoyance to an outright emergency.
Downgrade tvheadend to 3.4 version and retry.

Debug Log
First decide what functions / features you expect from a system. Then decide for the hardware. Don't waste your money on crap.
(2014-04-28, 19:23)fritsch Wrote: Downgrade tvheadend to 3.4 version and retry.

Debug Log

Wouldn't upgrading to be a better idea as a starting point?
Ok. I feel kinda dumb now. As it turns out, there was a process running in the background that was using 100% CPU, which bogged down everything on the system. It was something I had forgotten I'd set up as a cron task. It was running as root, so it didn't show up in my system monitor because it was set to the default of just showing my user processes. The program froze up for some reason, so I got rid of it and all is now running smooth. I should have check on my root processes first thing. Oh well.

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